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  • Super Michael
    Super Michael 37 másodpercig

    I just pre ordered it, so excited

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 3 perccel

    I remember we could not affort a PC so every week we went to an internet shop and played 1 hour of GTA san andreas. That's my gaming between 6 and 11 yr old. Then I got into a place where there were computers. So I found games like Warcraft Frozen Throne. And it's level editor. And i would not get out of the level editor. At 12 I moved to dad (2009) and he had a computer. U just straight downloaded BLENDER and started trying to make a game myself. Then I realized I can make animations with it. And movies. And I tried to do that for a long while too. Now I'm 22. I have 1 30 minutes Short film I'm proud of. And a one 2 minutes. And no actual game. But few cool programs. And a lot of nice unfinished game projects that maybe one day will see a day of light.

  • Its_Not_A_Spoon
    Its_Not_A_Spoon 5 perccel

    I really hope this game doesn’t flop

  • A D
    A D 5 perccel

    if are getting easier then why not *TURN THE DIFFICULTY UP TO THE HARDEST* like has anyone even think about that ?

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 7 perccel

    They've done literally zero marketing lmao

  • Patrik Gustafsson
    Patrik Gustafsson 7 perccel

    12:26 gaam games game gaam xD

  • DeusGladiorum
    DeusGladiorum 8 perccel

    Oh no! No companion romances? Guess I’ll just go back to Fallout 4’s complex dialogue choices. 1.) Trade 2.) Exit 3.) Diamond City 4.) Make fuck?

  • Arkboy 116
    Arkboy 116 8 perccel

    Like it

  • TBT_Jerry
    TBT_Jerry 8 perccel

    SPOILER! I cried when goofy got hit by that boulder in KH2 If ya know Ya know

  • Maggie Boker
    Maggie Boker 9 perccel

    game at 3:19?

  • Agent8Bit
    Agent8Bit 9 perccel

    Now that I've heard Jake's impressions on Fallen Order I have A New Hope

  • RebelCommander7 Star Wars kid

    You should mention story and base building

  • Travis Duncan
    Travis Duncan 12 perccel

    Thank God he read the words on the screen for me

  • Divij Singh Thakur
    Divij Singh Thakur 13 perccel

    Bought it for around 5 dollars

  • LionBraveHeart Gaming

    Get a sniper rifle early game

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 16 perccel

    How about we get another fight night instead of a 4th ufc game with the exact same roster

  • SlimmyJimmy00
    SlimmyJimmy00 17 perccel

    I was at Walmart a couple weeks ago and I found a shit ton of copies of Fallout 76

  • voor wat
    voor wat 18 perccel

    1:39 Disagree strongly here. The last GTA was 6 years ago. You can wait for it, but most can't! :)

  • Cant_St0p _Me-_3
    Cant_St0p _Me-_3 18 perccel

    Called him suans even though it's pronounced sAns

  • Haden Barrow
    Haden Barrow 19 perccel

    When you finally beat a really hard boss and then right after there's another battle

  • Kick Ass
    Kick Ass 22 perccel

    5:59 yeah, but at the games that came out in 2013-14, they actually performed better on PS3, take the GTA V or BF4 as an example.

  • Manic-Vyper
    Manic-Vyper 22 perccel

    How about making Alpha Protocol 2 Obsidian?

  • Ross Holmes
    Ross Holmes 23 perccel

    Stop using cringe talk show host clips in your vids

  • JayIceColdD
    JayIceColdD 25 perccel

    People call this a spiritual successor to Fallout NV. But just a much, if not more, of it sounds like Mass Effect to me.

  • Tooof Poof
    Tooof Poof 25 perccel

    Why is their no mk logic?.... Oh

  • Dillon Packard
    Dillon Packard 26 perccel

    Believe it or not- parents call police for a plethora amount of situations with their kids and video games. It’s wild.

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 27 perccel

    checking out nier's 2B outfit

  • Saifi Production
    Saifi Production 27 perccel


  • M B
    M B 30 perccel

    Wonder what game engine they used bc im curious how this will run on my laptop and desktop.

  • Jason dp
    Jason dp 31 perce

    Can u play offline?

  • Viktor von DOOM
    Viktor von DOOM 31 perce

    15 - 40 hours. I always search every room, talk to every single NPC and do every sidequest. I'll probably finish it in like 200 hours hahaha

  • Pippa Wheelie
    Pippa Wheelie 32 perccel

    My hubby has this ordered, we will play it together looks like lots of fun.

  • nabdef73
    nabdef73 33 perccel

    Update: It's coming to PC Nov 5th

  • Debopam Sengupta
    Debopam Sengupta 34 perccel

    just a few more days😋😋

  • Trainwhrek
    Trainwhrek 35 perccel

    Aww I'm gonna miss seeing "you lost karma" every time I smoke some random villager.

  • Liu Lang
    Liu Lang 36 perccel

    Booster is auto pickup now due to a recent patch.

  • Micah Sadosky
    Micah Sadosky 36 perccel

    The one thing I want is to be able to fully costumize my character l. For example the armor color, the neon light color and ho my armor looks over all. I was expecting a mass effect andromeda kind of armor you could put on.

  • weston407
    weston407 37 perccel

    the Just Cause series single-handedly taught me that a bigger map doesn't mean a better map

  • IceQueenofMitera
    IceQueenofMitera 38 perccel

    The demo for Anthem was great. But when they released the actual game it was so full of bugs and the storyline was extremely short and you can't do ANYTHING singleplayer. Even freeplay mode was hard to figure out how to get out of. Maybe if they took notes from No Man's Sky and took the time to fix the problems, it'll be as good a game as it was hyped to be and that the demo promised.

  • Zaneta Jeziorska
    Zaneta Jeziorska 42 perccel

    Why wasn't fortnight on here

  • dialingdust
    dialingdust 43 perccel

    yea from what I heard was that the witcher on switch was censored pretty heavily.

  • Matt j
    Matt j 44 perccel

    This is why USA is better

  • Audrey Holmes
    Audrey Holmes 45 perccel

    Activision wasn't mentioned in this video Considering they rott anything they touch, I'm suprised their connection with Blizzard wasn't mentioned

  • edgar garcia
    edgar garcia 45 perccel

    Reminds me of splinter cell and metal gear

  • Level 99
    Level 99 46 perccel

    that guy spending 150k on that mobile game basically funded the entire game development himself

  • Shyradder
    Shyradder 48 perccel

    I just hope it manages to build a world I can really feel invested in that's not lacking in identity, I want this to be something as good as fallout in terms of story and setting but to be able to stand on it's own and not feel like a papier mache copy

  • Doc McStuffins
    Doc McStuffins 49 perccel

    I always try to jump in between the crack in fallout for no reason at all

  • Retar Joe
    Retar Joe 50 perccel

    I'm just looking forward to another CD:PR game. One of the last companies I still have faith in.

  • BeastMafia HD
    BeastMafia HD 52 perccel

    I use 2 listen 2 music on my ps3 lol back then shit was awesome 😂😂😂😂

  • Vivid
    Vivid 52 perccel

    Fallout in space? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • sing along
    sing along 53 perccel

    My little sister kept mashing x and always won

  • Maria Teresa
    Maria Teresa 53 perccel

    Never cheated in a game, never will. Cheating in multiplayer games is for losers who admit they suck at it so they need a software to play instead of them. It's better to suck and know that what you earn is something you deserve, than collecting victories and points you know ain't really yours. And if your reason for cheating is "at least people looking at my profile will think I am a pro", then you gotta work on your self esteem, because you have a serious problem on your relationship with the other.

  • Wessel Lourens
    Wessel Lourens 53 perccel

    METAL SLUG series

  • Issa Ajilat
    Issa Ajilat 54 perccel

    grabbing absolutely every peice of resource that you find and never throw it away till your over weight and regret nothing

  • austin klein
    austin klein 56 perccel

    I hav Sean many cheaters in the the same game so many different varieties to from heath flight to teleportation in front of a entire server eaten There teammate wanted them baned

  • easytiger
    easytiger 57 perccel


  • Rebel Base
    Rebel Base 57 perccel

    No one mentioned No Man's Sky?

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra 57 perccel

    Better fuck this robot, don't wanna get labelled a robophobe.

  • sky C
    sky C 58 perccel

    Looks like borderlands

  • Tdesk Infinity
    Tdesk Infinity 59 perccel

    no cussing in mt minecraft server

  • dialingdust
    dialingdust Órája

    buddy it's EA, there's no doubt they're gonna fuck it up like they've fucked every game they've made since they introduced loot boxes to their games.

  • ovic
    ovic Órája

    EA is a mistake!!!

  • AXZ LevelJango
    AXZ LevelJango Órája

    Me : hyped for ps5 even though I’ve only just switch back to PS after the Xbox one that only have halo for an exclusive, Also me : starts getting called a gaystation player and starts to think about switching to pc, “What a world we live in”

  • Luke Hero
    Luke Hero Órája

    It's also coming to the Nintendo Switch!

  • Michael Hooper
    Michael Hooper Órája

    This and fallen order are what I'm looking forward to

  • Hllywd55
    Hllywd55 Órája

    Very excited to get my game.

  • Terrance Parker jr

    I am going to take my time getting this one. I just now got a ps4 pro. I would not bust my butt trying to get this knowing sony may possibly make a ps6 after 4 or 5 years.

  • mdnlr26
    mdnlr26 Órája

    weird world nowadays, and getting weirder

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo Órája

    I'm gonna make a benevolent explosives expert character and call him 'The Mad Bomber'

  • Vince Klortho
    Vince Klortho Órája

    I believe Musk's Neuralink research will eventually put full-immersion VR in our heads. No external hardware.

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo Órája

    I'm trying to avoid any spoilers about this game, I have it preordered and I just wanna play it fresh on the day. But here I am, spoiling it for myself, just before release

  • FatBot
    FatBot Órája

    i just want a new midnight club

  • Aaron Formanekgibson

    Can u play through the whole game with no companion's?

  • mario9078
    mario9078 Órája

    if you go to 2:09 and press the left arrow key when it says X it says "EX MOM" LOL

  • kagan blade
    kagan blade Órája

    2:20 what game is that it looks fun

  • Smart Guy
    Smart Guy Órája

    Lol 220k??? Lol go try strategy mobile games such as Iron Throne or Lords mobile lol just try to research about those games top players went over 500k like 6 months ago now IDK maybe way more then that xD


    Wanna play black ops 10 on my ps 5?

  • Life Is Pain
    Life Is Pain Órája

    not having more than two armor pieces is something that i love. i hated that in fallout

  • Vlad Anghelache
    Vlad Anghelache Órája

    I like your vids and I'm a gamer but pls make some nintendo content, because it's not for kids

  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun Órája

    I didnt like the last boss, thought it was pretty lame. Would of prefer to fight that giant snake on the final walkthrough.

  • Edgar Nello
    Edgar Nello Órája

    It should have a minimum of 1tb storage cuz nowadays 500gigs is not enough.

  • DakeHotnoobxd75 Blox

    Lmao , i buy the *Hitman 1* Because 2 it's too expensive :/

  • Brandonutz
    Brandonutz Órája

    I just want a dark saber tbh and possibly in cutscenes cause c'mon

  • Vishnu Kamdar
    Vishnu Kamdar Órája

    anyone play this still?

  • Luci Fox
    Luci Fox Órája

    ngl it looks REEEAAALLY ugly, like FO4 ugly where its a pretty aesthetic/design but something isn exactly loading right so it looks bad

  • Jkdaghoul Gaming and more

    I play it every year and day and second and month

  • stevebob240
    stevebob240 Órája

    I appreciate the game is shorter. I loved NV so much but I only played through it once because it was so huge. I know more quality is better, but I'm glad they're focusing on quality > quantity.

  • Cole
    Cole Órája

    It’s also coming to switch right?

  • dark2deeds
    dark2deeds Órája

    You do get to see computer boobs a few times

  • Edgar Nello
    Edgar Nello Órája

    I just hope it has good games. The ps4 is already at the end of its lifecycle and the good games just started coming out this year.

  • Jake Patane
    Jake Patane Órája

    Things fallout 4 players hate? Fallout 76.

  • Jessika Miranda
    Jessika Miranda Órája

    I'm planning on buying a PS4 to go along with my Switch (jk just for persona 5), and I would only buy a PS5 instead if it had backwards compatibility and longer controller life. The Switch pro controller has, what, like 90 hours of battery life? I think the PS5 controller should get at least 20 hours or so, even if it had a small touch screen on it. The (revised) Switch gets about 6 hours of battery life on average, same as the PS4 controller, but the Switch is a huge, 6-inch screen, which dwarfs the PS4 controller's battery life. I don't have anything against Playstations, but I'm just saying that the PS5 controller should have wat better battery life than it currently does.

  • I'm on My llama shit

    Soo it’s just another mass effect 🤔🤷🏿‍♂️

  • shadow playz
    shadow playz Órája

    The last of us and there mini Boss battles the bloaters

  • Cole
    Cole Órája

    “And I quote”

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    I can see the fallout resemblance

  • michael wittmann

    Parents: you need to do different things thengaming!!! Me: Ok this is a good opportunity to buy a guitar. Parents: WHAT DO YOU NEED A GUITAR FOR?!!??!!!

  • Shi Tcnts
    Shi Tcnts Órája

    Want one of those plates for real

  • strange pickles
    strange pickles Órája

    The thumbnail actually scared me

  • Jesse Mulock
    Jesse Mulock Órája

    I'm completely fine having a shorter game. I don't have the time to play a thousand hour game, or the attention to drudge through endless miles of procedurally generated *emptiness* give me a good experience i can feel i make progress in every time i have 30 minutes, an hour to play