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Of Monsters and Men - Wild Roses
Megtekintés 13 MHónapja
Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
Megtekintés 1,7 M4 hónapja
Of Monsters and Men - ASK:REPLY
Megtekintés 179 E4 évvel


  • Joe Comeau
    Joe Comeau 4 órája

    She isn’t ugly but she looks like she just got. Out of bed 🛏

  • Joe Comeau
    Joe Comeau 4 órája

    This is the only one that is weird

  • Pete Kachew
    Pete Kachew 4 órája

    With or without eyebrows Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir is so pretty!. Song on repeat!..

  • Xonoda
    Xonoda 4 órája

    My childhood for ever ❤️

  • evilkirachan
    evilkirachan 4 órája


  • l.l l.l
    l.l l.l 6 órája

    0:08 Amaterasu?

  • Audiomaniac84
    Audiomaniac84 6 órája

    He is gay, 100%. Do I care? No. Just fact. :)

  • eduardo wolf
    eduardo wolf 8 órája

    Conspiracy theory: Nana is a water bender and is training.

  • Jose Javier Aguasvivas Santana

    Hoping to have this one included in #rickandmorty new upcoming season!

  • Minh Lê Ngọc
    Minh Lê Ngọc 10 órája

    this video remind me of Nils Holgerssons Adventure

  • עאעכמ לגמרי

    Nov 2019? Someone?

  • Hanna Candia
    Hanna Candia 13 órája

    I got chills

  • The Nash and Luke Show

    This is amazing! My dad always plays your songs in the car and at home. That's how we love you.

  • etai feder
    etai feder 15 órája

    avatar kora that u ?

  • Bunyamin Simsek
    Bunyamin Simsek 17 órája

    I wish I had never seen this video. It feels like losing the favorite band.

  • jwlapham
    jwlapham 17 órája

    Holy shit this song hits different when you're totally out of it.

  • Reign
    Reign 18 órája

    It sounds like the mix of the shura and the XX. Nice song :)

  • CoreyReviews
    CoreyReviews 20 órája

    Those aren’t special effects, Nanna can actually do that.

  • Brad Geiger
    Brad Geiger 21 órája

    Cats Kelly clive. Star Wars anyone?

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker 21 órája

    I like the demonic veneer to the masks.

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker 21 órája

    Reptilian imagery....deliciously speaks to my soul.

  • Njoroge Sheila
    Njoroge Sheila 22 órája

    My favorite song in this album 💞...

  • Star Daze
    Star Daze 23 órája

    She suddenly became a water bender

  • Antonella Veron
    Antonella Veron 23 órája

    I love erica linder..

  • blackskye
    blackskye Napja

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who says this - but this guy was in Justice league.

  • insertname
    insertname Napja

    FIFA 16

  • Eric Lander
    Eric Lander Napja

    ... have been involved with music for over 60 years and i can safely say that Of Monsters and Men is one of the best bands i have ever heard … Iceland has music in their DNA ...

  • s' krey
    s' krey Napja

    California phantom planet

  • Eric Lander
    Eric Lander Napja

    Fantastic band !!! Thank you Iceland for all of the wonderful music … and perhaps your country should be renamed to Musicland as there are so many brilliant music people from Iceland.

  • Itzel Kassandra Morales Méndez

    I saw this song in a commercial and I loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍

  • assassin336136

    La-la-la, la-la-la la

  • John Schoch
    John Schoch Napja

    i was a littel weak kid so i got some sick ass fever drams

  • Valery Flandreau

    Me and my sister thought when it said "I'm fever dreaming" we thought it said "a freight train" and my brother thought it said "I feel the dream" but we were all wrong lol

  • Kenneth Hammon Jr.

    Alligator a antidote, but who looks back?

  • gororo14
    gororo14 Napja


  • gororo14
    gororo14 Napja


  • Achmad Farid
    Achmad Farid Napja

    This is the best song on this album i think

  • Raphael Nunes

    one day I'll be far from home and so happy!!!!

  • Omar Saidi
    Omar Saidi Napja

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  • ImBoredAriG
    ImBoredAriG Napja


  • Omar Saidi
    Omar Saidi Napja

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  • Slamtasticmaddiegaming *Aka Slams The Neko*

    *David Firth Vibes*

    • Clover Gunrise
      Clover Gunrise Napja

      Excuse meh mwau? Sorry not really a musician fan

  • Diego Misse
    Diego Misse Napja

    Her face shares quite a similar look to Bjork's appearance... Most likely due to the fact that both singers are from the same place, Iceland.

  • Finn
    Finn Napja

    i could totally picture this being a 2d puzzle platforming game thingy

    OHJLM Napja

    Hoping they do another American tour in 2020. Seeing them once this summer wasn't enough to hold me over until the next album.

  • Daniel Levi
    Daniel Levi Napja

    her face is so bright her body is so dark :S/.////////////////////

  • Music and such

    I cant believe i just found this song..or is it new song?

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Napja


  • CABÁ Restaurante

    of spines and men

  • PRNZ
    PRNZ Napja

    huwawei theme song <3

  • GreenWeedsSmoke

    1.25 Thank me later

  • Anitta
    Anitta Napja

    *Step1:* Right-click on video *Step2:* Select Loop *Step3:* Close your eyes and enjoy this masterpiece.

  • Anton Contreras

    Amo tanto esta canción, hasta me hace llorar!!!

  • Dredo
    Dredo 2 napja

    November 2019??

  • Sarundo Inoue
    Sarundo Inoue 2 napja

    I am addicted to this song.

  • Juliana Gonet
    Juliana Gonet 2 napja

    So perfect.... I'm in love with this song!

  • Mr. Squigll
    Mr. Squigll 2 napja

    Friend: im pretty sure you cant make that jump Me: is the girl

  • Trey Chavez
    Trey Chavez 2 napja

    Does anyone know the name of the girl singing in the song? She has a very familiar voice but I just can put a name to it.

  • jk-m 00
    jk-m 00 2 napja

    خرا عليج

  • lais gamer
    lais gamer 2 napja

    i lovw you monsters ^^

  • MoonchildMelody
    MoonchildMelody 2 napja

    The power of music that transcends the physical. You can feel it in your very soul and breath it in like new life. They may have changes their style but their songs are still powerful and meaningful.

  • Carlos Carabello

    Best song on the NHL20 soundtrack

  • Alicia May
    Alicia May 2 napja

    Oh my goodness. I am totally in love with their music. This is amazzzing and their new song wild roses is my favourite song currently. <3

  • no name
    no name 2 napja

    So everyone found this song after 5-6 years?😂😅

  • MrMartinmarc
    MrMartinmarc 2 napja

    How many things in this video, for me ? Lava, volcanoes, energy, earth, fluidity, dark chocolate, fire, ice creams, colours, change ..and above all, I'm listening to great music, indelible in my head.

  • Gabriela Bierig
    Gabriela Bierig 2 napja

    Maravilloso! amo su música!!!!

    KARAN ASHARA 2 napja

    Her voice is magical

  • Catherine Crosby


  • Anna
    Anna 2 napja

    she reminds me of the grandma in Moana. Just that content, brave, knowing and wise smile. Especially since this song is about the sea/ocean and water as well. It fits perfectly!! You just trust her! It's as if she's giving me some life changing advice, you just feel like she loves you so much.

  • Michi S
    Michi S 2 napja


  • 24Jonathan Mammen

    The actor is amazingly emotional. VERY NICE JOB

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 2 napja

    You're too damn HOT >;O Cute Girl as heck !

  • Emack B
    Emack B 2 napja

    They sound amazing. I just have to adjust myself to their new style as it is not what i expect when i listen to OMAM

  • Emack B
    Emack B 2 napja

    It’s impossible to describe the way their music makes you feel. It’s sorrow and joy at the same time. It’s walking alone in the cold and it’s sitting by the fire with your loved ones. It means so much yet it doesn’t ever tell you what it means. It’s amazing

  • Emack B
    Emack B 2 napja

    The way those Horses jump is like when you double jump in a video game lol.

  • Jacob Steinberg
    Jacob Steinberg 2 napja

    I wish the Yeti's footsteps were to the beat man. love this song regardless though.

  • PrestonNotBurke
    PrestonNotBurke 2 napja

    That moment when you like the video within five seconds of listening...

  • Death Hunter
    Death Hunter 2 napja

    When did these guys become popular

  • Death Hunter
    Death Hunter 2 napja

    I've never heard them before now

  • Death Hunter
    Death Hunter 2 napja

    This is a pretty good band

  • thomas TR
    thomas TR 2 napja

    Best music video of all time!!

  • Jc Summer
    Jc Summer 2 napja

    ANYONE ELSE HERE 2019??!

  • Chetan Punjabi
    Chetan Punjabi 2 napja

    Day by day🤩 This song is getting better❣ What do you all think 👌🏻

  • bo0tsy1
    bo0tsy1 3 napja

    Ugh Chant Band

  • Emack B
    Emack B 3 napja

    I saw somewhere that the singer’s parents split up and so her brother got taken to live with a parent in Canada while she grew up in Iceland with the other parent. It is a song to her brother, who she was no longer able to have much contact with.

  • Giovani Correa
    Giovani Correa 3 napja

    This actor made me feel the music in a way that I can't explain I fight every day against my suicidal thoughts And I was happy for 3 minutes

  • raffel fishing
    raffel fishing 3 napja

    November 2019? Indonesia?

  • Emme Cee
    Emme Cee 3 napja

    Why are almost all their videos of people lip syncing to their songs? It’s boring after a few videos... at least to me.

  • Martha D
    Martha D 3 napja

    i love this guy

  • Alfonso Villegas

    I love this guys...

  • 梦鹿鹿
    梦鹿鹿 3 napja


  • Frank Neudeck
    Frank Neudeck 3 napja

    Swimming in the universe of monsters. fantastic sound.

  • Frank Neudeck
    Frank Neudeck 3 napja

    The times are so moving and crazy. I love the silence and monsters. Or not?

  • Frank Neudeck
    Frank Neudeck 3 napja

    Very nice.

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 2 napja

      “Don’t listen to a word i say, the screams all sound the same”

  • d i d o
    d i d o 3 napja

    The 100 anyone???

  • Pénélope La fan de Zelda

    My mom's song ❤

  • Kim woods
    Kim woods 3 napja

    This will always be my favorite band

  • Mônica Façanha

    Amo essa música! <3

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 2 napja

      Does not even sound like the same people who sang King and lionheart.

  • Camille Banks
    Camille Banks 3 napja

    Im in love with her

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 2 napja

      “Don’t listen to a word i say, the screams all sound the same”