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  • SectionEight
    SectionEight 3 órája

    Imagine believing in Activision's lies.

  • Muhammad Umar Shah
    Muhammad Umar Shah 3 órája

    I can't wait too play its crack version yàaaaaaa cpc

  • Key Strix
    Key Strix 3 órája

    Sorry, but still *NO.* _Activision owns Blizzard. Blizzard bends the knee to China._ I wish I could buy this game because I loved the Modern Warfare games... but I have morals and standards.

  • ajiceman007
    ajiceman007 3 órája

    “YEER ALLRIGHT BBOOAAHH.” -Arthur Morgan 4K

  • Oakley Collier
    Oakley Collier 3 órája

    It's crap

  • Philip Wu
    Philip Wu 3 órája

    Iilyana Rasputin

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 3 órája

    Just as I thought it couldn't get prettier

  • MyboiJAEGER
    MyboiJAEGER 3 órája

    omd the interviewer is such a turbo with typical turbo questions, the actors are like wtf is this bollocks lmao

  • Game Spy
    Game Spy 3 órája

    Wait katakuri was dodging all of these attacks wasn't he?

  • The Stegi
    The Stegi 3 órája

    IGN should have given this a 10, just to make up for it’s 9.3 score they gave The Witcher 3 in 2015. (Btw, that’s less than Undertale, Call of Duty and MGS 😷)

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 3 órája

    This isn't survival horror. Does a co-op survival horror even exist?


    Google stadia : only you don't need expensive console or pc to play Me : so......how much exactly?

  • Guingo
    Guingo 3 órája

    hum... mods mods more mods !!

  • Cargo :::
    Cargo ::: 3 órája

    Tumbling down Tumbling down Tumbling down

  • Javierjr 201
    Javierjr 201 3 órája

    How many likes to get N64 mini system.

  • Setu Meena
    Setu Meena 3 órája

    Go and Grab it for free on epic game store

  • John Hayabusa
    John Hayabusa 3 órája

    This game looks fantastic...congratulations respaw👏

  • AwkwardSplatter
    AwkwardSplatter 3 órája

    Apparently this is going to be on the Xbox game pass for console and PC day one... I'm conflicted between being cheap and supporting the developer🤔..

  • demkillerus
    demkillerus 3 órája

    Looks interesting, needs more polish to the anims

  • Alejandro Aragon
    Alejandro Aragon 3 órája

    Looks repetitive

  • Graweeld -
    Graweeld - 3 órája

    This game is looking to be a mashup of Borderlands and Bioshock a little more than just Fallout, I think...

  • Glen Galloway
    Glen Galloway 3 órája

    Looking forward to play gamegear games on a screen that does not blur and looks crap on screen

  • my_fucking_balls_itch lel

    Nic cage is one of the greatest, can’t wait

  • Unknown Gamer 69
    Unknown Gamer 69 3 órája


  • HelikaonIX
    HelikaonIX 3 órája

    *Cough* RTG350 half the price, 2500 games *Cough* OOH it must be the fall weather.

  • Moises Guzman
    Moises Guzman 3 órája

    splendid I gonna buy it!

  • Михаил Торнушенко

    Шикарная картинка.

  • Mhj 76
    Mhj 76 3 órája

    Operation Stealthy Cow has been initiated 😁

  • big carl dennis
    big carl dennis 3 órája


  • JCatalan C
    JCatalan C 3 órája

    Bro 😭

  • Annoyingly Addictive

    The music gave me the chills, I promise I won't cry, not again! 😭😭😭

  • Raymotives Worldwide

    2free Rockstar Games for free😂😂😂😂

  • Heiman Chan
    Heiman Chan 3 órája

    Wait, is this a VR game?

  • Divyash Kumar Sherwal

    This is the most overhyped movie i have ever seen

  • Sniper'Ninja
    Sniper'Ninja 3 órája

    The way he said its okay to be scared man i lose my half heart

  • Ten Eleven
    Ten Eleven 3 órája

    The graphics look like a cross between new Vegas and fallout 4 but in sci-fi. The face movements remind me of Fallout 3 and New Vegas and oblivion

  • Raymotives Worldwide

    Roll the thing😂😂

  • Wolf Plissken
    Wolf Plissken 3 órája


  • Irvin Reyes
    Irvin Reyes 3 órája

    If Alien Isolation and Prey had baby.

  • 3a8
    3a8 3 órája

    Come check out my yt people I’m doing a giveaway at 1k subs for something super big all u gotta do is sub

  • DancingValkyrie
    DancingValkyrie 3 órája

    Im so glad this game is still alive and well. Meanwhile games like Scorn and Routine are seemingly dead and no longer in development :(

  • 3a8
    3a8 3 órája

    Come check out my yt people I’m doing a giveaway at 1k subs for something super big all u gotta do is sub

  • Ann Sophiarobb
    Ann Sophiarobb 3 órája

    Did Patrick’s daughter have a say in this one too, bc it looks like it

  • IO
    IO 3 órája

    moggo beans

  • Person Guy
    Person Guy 3 órája

    “These guys are real rockstars” I get it get a little cheesy 😂

  • Supreme King
    Supreme King 3 órája


  • BetweenTheLyons
    BetweenTheLyons 3 órája

    7/10 I'm not The Rock :/

  • Nathan Bishop
    Nathan Bishop 3 órája

    Is the original Red Dead Redemption ever coming to PC?

  • Supreme King
    Supreme King 3 órája


  • Walter Scott
    Walter Scott 3 órája

    That looked rather bad actually.

  • Murali Krishna
    Murali Krishna 3 órája

    15 mins of horse running... Really boring guys 😂

  • janya warner
    janya warner 3 órája

    Wait I’m confused how’d he win?? De hi get the most points?

  • Vinamra Parashar
    Vinamra Parashar 3 órája

    The core mechanic gets boring.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 3 órája

    Charizard Is the most overrated pokemon ever!!!!!

  • Nikhil krishnan
    Nikhil krishnan 3 órája

    Surprise, surprise....its charizard again with a new gimmick. Why do they give charizard so much love.

  • Bryan _350_
    Bryan _350_ 3 órája

    Thats what they said about bo4

  • #1LakersFanLBJ23
    #1LakersFanLBJ23 3 órája

    Is this the remastered version of the PS2 one?

  • Resla Ega
    Resla Ega 3 órája

    I'm glad I'm a console player, my pc can barely run 5 tab on chrome

  • nirvana gunsNroses
    nirvana gunsNroses 3 órája

    finally which is not something from EA

  • Glacier REAPER
    Glacier REAPER 3 órája

    Finally i found Nix(brawlhalla) original concept

  • RayfieldA
    RayfieldA 3 órája

    You know, for characters that Love pizza, it actually makes no sense that they would waist 95% of a fresh hot pizza after taking only one slice. Still, great animation!

  • Maddy Kiss Huge
    Maddy Kiss Huge 3 órája

    Oh boy. Cant wait to fly to a building

  • nibroC wueesnA
    nibroC wueesnA 3 órája

    Wow. What the heck did this game become. Hopefully save the world is free soon so I can see where it all started

  • Vineet Kumar
    Vineet Kumar 3 órája

    Why you need to buy something when you can emulate them

  • Casper Fessenden
    Casper Fessenden 3 órája

    They forgot the part where they realized their mistake of taking out the national dex and put it back in.. right?

  • Shivam Kapoor
    Shivam Kapoor 3 órája

    I can still hear 9yr olds screaming......

  • Makuchan
    Makuchan 3 órája

    pivot, PIVOT!

  • Rodycaz
    Rodycaz 3 órája

    Zombieland 2 starring Academy Award winner Emma Stone. LOL.

  • Nicholas Sylve
    Nicholas Sylve 3 órája

    Looks better than I thought 👍

  • L E V E L 0
    L E V E L 0 3 órája

    So if I change my name I’ll lose certain content.... 😭😭😭

  • Eklypised
    Eklypised 3 órája

    A new Ninja Gaiden would be dope

  • Erik Norris
    Erik Norris 3 órája

    Once again another failed attempt at a dbz game.

  • Saharat 23079
    Saharat 23079 3 órája


  • Griffin Fuller
    Griffin Fuller 4 órája

    EA won’t take another dollar from me ever again

  • Ismail Sayyed
    Ismail Sayyed 4 órája

    Is it just me or he looks like carryminati

  • Yo YO
    Yo YO 4 órája

    not assasin's creed is assasin bug

  • Sayan Malakar
    Sayan Malakar 4 órája

    Anime, my boy, this review is not biased and she is not nit picking.

  • Griffin Fuller
    Griffin Fuller 4 órája

    You can’t dismember with a light saber? Aight ima head out

  • dani musumba
    dani musumba 4 órája

    IGN personnel don't look like they believe what they say.....just an observation

  • Cecille Delacruz
    Cecille Delacruz 4 órája

    5:29 GANDA Naman nang SS nya

  • Gamer Player
    Gamer Player 4 órája

    Thank you for that game on ps4...

  • Fadhlan Rahim
    Fadhlan Rahim 4 órája

    He is literally hiter im crying and shaking rn

  • Rafael Ebner
    Rafael Ebner 4 órája

    Looks cool but EA aint getting any money out of me anymore.

  • Matthew McNeill
    Matthew McNeill 4 órája

    Gald you didnt die.

  • Matthew McNeill
    Matthew McNeill 4 órája

    No time for love Dr Jones.

  • UnHoly Ghost
    UnHoly Ghost 4 órája

    Is it weird that I find black Canary sexy af

  • landmind666
    landmind666 4 órája

    Hope they are still working on sound emulation

  • MarcAFK
    MarcAFK 4 órája

    Pokemon SS, the most anticipated ne Pokemon since pokemon S&M, and pokemon DP. Pokemon E was fun but didn't last very long.

  • Matthew McNeill
    Matthew McNeill 4 órája

    You are the ones who are the ball lickers.

  • Clavicus Vile
    Clavicus Vile 4 órája

    We get a random story about a nobody, but we don't get the Darth Maul game that had similar gameplay and "human" limb dismemberment?

  • DuckKnight
    DuckKnight 4 órája

    Charazard is the only starter that matters huh?

  • Englishmovies trailer


  • Gabriel Paulin
    Gabriel Paulin 4 órája

    Show is amazing you have no idea how much we appreciate this in the dinosaur community

  • Joseph Vanni
    Joseph Vanni 4 órája

    Just when I thought the game couldn't get any more beautiful

  • Edu Montel
    Edu Montel 4 órája

    whos this girl? shes kinda cute 😉

  • Killawott
    Killawott 4 órája

    1:40 😔 really tho

  • Accuracy158
    Accuracy158 4 órája

    So CoD is free-to-play now?

  • Riplash
    Riplash 4 órája

    2:31 Please let Logang be a racer, please let Logang be a racer

  • Timothy
    Timothy 4 órája

    **sees Gigantamax Pikachu** *OH LAWD HE COMIN*

  • Ligia Narvaez
    Ligia Narvaez 4 órája

    No será otro fracaso como el anterior the walking dead overkill... 😒..?