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Pokémon Masters is available now!
Megtekintés 2,2 MHónapja
Pokémon GO Invitational Recap
Megtekintés 16 E2 hónapja
Spread summer cheer with Gifts!
Megtekintés 127 E2 hónapja
They’re in our world now…
Megtekintés 318 E2 hónapja
Dance in the rain with Pokémon GO!
Megtekintés 157 E2 hónapja
Pokémon Masters | Trailer
Megtekintés 3,2 M3 hónapja
Pokémon 3: The Movie | Trailer
Megtekintés 363 E4 hónapja
2019 Pokémon Press Conference
Megtekintés 529 E4 hónapja
Don't Mess with Machamp!
Megtekintés 2,1 M5 hónapja


  • Alfie
    Alfie 4 órája

    3 on 3 battles... If only.

  • Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman 4 órája

    More of this and less of those giant pokemon please.

  • Dan Enanoria
    Dan Enanoria 4 órája

    Pls no kanto remake Oh yeah, they forgot Sinnoh and Unova exists

  • TobTheBuilder Bob
    TobTheBuilder Bob 4 órája

    And some how brendan caught Mega Rayquaza

  • M ray
    M ray 5 órája

    Kanto, again?

  • dinesh lama
    dinesh lama 5 órája

    (Crying) Always why do I always don't get an energy

  • Shiny Hunter
    Shiny Hunter 5 órája

    I Knew Butterfree Would Get A New Form Since Beedrill Got A Mega Gen 6

  • Shiny Hunter
    Shiny Hunter 5 órája

    I See On This Episode In The New Anime Gigantamax Clash!! Pikachu Vs Meowth

  • Shiny Hunter
    Shiny Hunter 5 órája

    When New Pokemon Anime Will Be In Kalos Alain: I Have A Mega Charizard X Trevor: I Have A Mega Charizard Y Alain And Trevor: Ash What Do You Have Ash: See For Yourself Comes Ash Charizard In Gigantamax Form Alain And Trevor: OMG Ash That's HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Symon 117
    Symon 117 5 órája

    Me waiting for game freak to release the trailer with the mid evolutions of the starters for SwSh.....

  • Gacha Aqua?
    Gacha Aqua? 5 órája

    Part of it was super cool and sweet

  • Manuel Figueiredo
    Manuel Figueiredo 5 órája

    3156 0163 9477

  • Akhmad Masykur
    Akhmad Masykur 5 órája

    Me : I still don't understand the idea of gigantamax form Gamefreak : Here's long meowth in gigantamax form

  • Crystal Tekira
    Crystal Tekira 6 órája

    Friend from New Zealand if anyone needs another 😄👍3286 5214 7187

  • Phong Lê Đại
    Phong Lê Đại 6 órája

    wtf is this ???

  • BlackRaveBow
    BlackRaveBow 6 órája

    We leaked sun and moon. Now game freak won’t even show us the starter Evos.

  • Daniel Carpena
    Daniel Carpena 6 órája

    L O N G C A T. S T Y L E

  • Mustafa Can Bayram
    Mustafa Can Bayram 6 órája

    I don't count this as a pokemon game.

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc 4 órája

      Well this is Pokemon from now one. So if you're not counting this. Then you're not counting the future as Pokemon.

  • Kanalu Wikins-kepaa

    This is so beautiful the first part is really sad but then it gets really beautiful right after also suicune is one of the most beautiful pokemon I have ever seem in my life

  • qWeRtY C A N
    qWeRtY C A N 6 órája

    Is no one gonna mention that we now have 5 popular kaiju Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, mothra, rodan, and *_L O N G C A T_*

  • J. Chang
    J. Chang 6 órája

    Enjoy it now. Because it won't be in the next game.

  • Johnver with Jeremiah

    ``How long do you want Meowth to be?`` Game freak: ``Yes``

  • kacper surdak
    kacper surdak 6 órája

    2907 6764 3708

  • Angel Zakura
    Angel Zakura 7 órája

    0:22 is a shiny

  • Joan García
    Joan García 7 órája

    Esto es demasiado hermoso, ojalá los Pokémon existiesen en el mundo real ;-;

  • Hanson Li
    Hanson Li 7 órája

    Chansey is like Kirby

  • Tobey MagMemes
    Tobey MagMemes 7 órája

    Why is this in the recommendation? Probably a starter evolution trailer for Sword and Shield?🤔😏😏

  • Joseph Mel Baleyos
    Joseph Mel Baleyos 7 órája

    Well, it still won't change the fact that Dunsparce is the least to be noticed Pokemon. 😅😅

  • rapid123ful
    rapid123ful 7 órája

    It's so cute. I wished when it evolve into a Rapidash it will have a fairy wings and becomes a fairy-type

  • rapid123ful
    rapid123ful 7 órája

    It's so cute. I wished when it evolve into a Rapidash it will have a fairy wings and becomes a fairy-type

  • Potexian ruleS Girls drewl


  • Alolan Vulpix
    Alolan Vulpix 8 órája


  • Rheza Andika
    Rheza Andika 8 órája

    An Indonesian player is looking for overseas friends here.. My trainer code: 0103 6338 8528

  • Anila Shazad
    Anila Shazad 8 órája

    That is nothing like a food🍟🍔🍕

  • 田中ディー
    田中ディー 8 órája

    00:01 んばぁぁ~ちゃん

  • Anang Hardiansyah
    Anang Hardiansyah 8 órája

    3585 2666 6759 I'll give you a gift

  • Maximilian Simeth
    Maximilian Simeth 8 órája

    Chonk Pikachu Returns

  • Anna Beatriz Evangelista

    Seria eu realizando um sonho

  • Ningen_slayer
    Ningen_slayer 8 órája

    Wait is the long meowth a long cat reference? HOLY SHIT

  • Jesper Grüner
    Jesper Grüner 9 órája

    Wooow. This feels so outdated now😂

  • Mr Plushtale
    Mr Plushtale 9 órája

    Butter free reminds me of Mothra

  • ? Telekinetic Pumpkin ¡


  • LKRandom
    LKRandom 9 órája

    Why don’t you come to Galar, we have [Depressed lizard] [Round] [Emo Uber] [Sif from Dark Souls] [Literally just Mechagodzilla] [Kiss] [A fine gentleman] [The bird from Up] [My Little Pony] [Long] [Literally just Mothra]

  • Mo Nebulous
    Mo Nebulous 9 órája

    I can’t wait

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods 9 órája

    When the Normal/Fighting type is more terrifying than the literal ghost.

  • Weesedaboi *
    Weesedaboi * 9 órája

    still probly the best starters, beeg buff ass cat, edgy badass birb boi and waifu sexy seal woman

  • Hakai
    Hakai 9 órája

    Just realized that the whole Sinnoh games are a JoJo's reference

  • Lucas Illes
    Lucas Illes 9 órája

    I love mimikyu

  • Angelblade717
    Angelblade717 9 órája

    I'm sorry but at 0:51 it looks like Kukui is making out with it

  • Mili Angel
    Mili Angel 9 órája

    I want to see full video plss

  • Abdul Jabar
    Abdul Jabar 10 órája

    *P I K A C H O N K*

  • Loli Lord
    Loli Lord 10 órája

    "My tail doesn't like you.."

  • Chase Dunleavy
    Chase Dunleavy 10 órája

    So if I buy it early I get long cat, *I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK*

  • ゆりEtika
    ゆりEtika 10 órája


  • Goomba Troopa 51
    Goomba Troopa 51 10 órája

    Bruh i legit thought the legendaries were lions

  • Alejandro Coria
    Alejandro Coria 10 órája

    When I first saw this in snapchat I thought I was watching my little pony video

  • Guzzlord Gaming
    Guzzlord Gaming 10 órája

    Rayquaza better

  • EdinhoGamingsMasters Foda BR


  • JK Minh
    JK Minh 10 órája

    Please, What's name of pokemon at 5:07 ? does anyone know?

  • John Merle
    John Merle 11 órája

    Kanto Pokémon will always be the best :)

  • Ankush Kumar
    Ankush Kumar 11 órája

    This was the second time when ash used that special Z move

  • FireBallHD
    FireBallHD 11 órája

    Disrespect for mimikyu times 100

  • trystan elliott
    trystan elliott 11 órája


  • Yamperdoodle 5
    Yamperdoodle 5 11 órája

    98.9%: sToP nEw GeN aBuSe 1%: Actual good comments. 0.1%: This.

  • Splatoon Kraken
    Splatoon Kraken 11 órája

    Who's cutting the onions

  • Michael Sutherland Jr.

    Why does everyone in these matches have a Topu Koko? Where’s Mewtwo, Ho oh, and the others?

  • Yamperdoodle 5
    Yamperdoodle 5 11 órája

    "Yeetus Deletus" -Mimikyu 2016

  • im2dirty4u
    im2dirty4u 11 órája

    So ash and pikachu have been in countless battles in gyms, pokemon leagues, legendary pokemon, etc. but THIS Mimikyu is giving him trouble? are we kidding right now?

  • Midnight Mitch
    Midnight Mitch 11 órája

    Great, can’t wait for the fan art!

  • XxDeNpLaYz xX
    XxDeNpLaYz xX 11 órája

    Mallow Have Torcoal

  • Gustavo S. Godoi
    Gustavo S. Godoi 12 órája

    my big bro is a fan of magikarp (sorta) so ill just send it to

  • Asa Jurgens
    Asa Jurgens 12 órája

    i think im dieing i loved it its so funny

  • Zeevee 26
    Zeevee 26 12 órája


  • Falconfire 64
    Falconfire 64 12 órája

    Whose idea was this

  • Woupsea Daysea
    Woupsea Daysea 12 órája

    Why are all of these team aqua bitches stacked as fuck?

  • m rizqy abd
    m rizqy abd 12 órája

    Back in the best 3d pokemon generation , which charizard lacks a fan service other than being a ride pokemon

  • LucarioYoutubes 36
    LucarioYoutubes 36 12 órája

    I was going to just get sword but looks like I have to get both now

  • João BR gamer
    João BR gamer 12 órája


  • Jun Luis
    Jun Luis 12 órája

    Gigantamax eevee is a fluf ball

  • Ethan The Tarantula
    Ethan The Tarantula 12 órája

    So they brought back thick pikachu.

  • Just a Random boy
    Just a Random boy 12 órája

    It’s funny how they weren’t eating anything

  • eevee lover
    eevee lover 12 órája

    Someday somehow they will have JUST A ONLY CHAZARD POKEMON GAME WITH ONLY DANG CHAZARD FORMS!!!!!!!!

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 12 órája

    I want to know how many gallons did James drank of Food coloring lmao

  • J Weihofen
    J Weihofen 12 órája

    Man I wish beedrill and butterfree got their alternative forms in the same games. Would have been a really cool doubles team with other bug pokemon

  • Santi C.
    Santi C. 13 órája


  • Ēl Gŕeñædə
    Ēl Gŕeñædə 13 órája

    If I was her I would've had a second one as a decoy

  • thepokekid01
    thepokekid01 13 órája

    Mimikyu month is now Bewear month!

  • eevee lover
    eevee lover 13 órája

    so what happens when you evolve them (if you can evolve them)

  • Rng 53
    Rng 53 13 órája

    Im not complaining because fat pikachu made my day

  • Sandra Villasenor
    Sandra Villasenor 13 órája

    Is bs zfs ur

  • DarkGengar94
    DarkGengar94 13 órája

    Mentoring and beating the shit out of, are two different things

  • Cobalt Boi
    Cobalt Boi 13 órája

    Are we gonna talk about how Pikachu just paralyzed a ground type

  • Marvin Poon
    Marvin Poon 13 órája

    Pikachu looks like the earliest one in the anime (the fat one) Meowth is stretched longer and now looks like Waluigi

  • moonscapes
    moonscapes 13 órája

    y'all are milking gen 1 like a damn cow

  • Mady C.
    Mady C. 13 órája


  • GaminGeckoPlayz
    GaminGeckoPlayz 14 órája


  • Joe Russano
    Joe Russano 14 órája


  • "The Chaotic Ones"
    "The Chaotic Ones" 14 órája

    7.8/10 Too many Charizards and Too many Kanto-based Regional variant

  • Alijah Anyagwosi
    Alijah Anyagwosi 14 órája

    I hope Gigantamax ninetales will look like kurama from naruto

  • Emily Fravel
    Emily Fravel 14 órája

    Wow lance’s theme in this is perfect