The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • BuzZ VideoZ
    BuzZ VideoZ 3 perccel

    Not to mention the big 3 of the bulls are far surperior athletes physically and mentally.

  • Fuqda Mayweddas
    Fuqda Mayweddas 8 perccel

    Jordan's shoes just look way better than anything out there

  • Shrek Shmurda
    Shrek Shmurda 13 perccel

    If you think Russell Wilson, the MVP, is not in the top 5, you don’t know football.

  • Bleed Orange
    Bleed Orange 20 perccel

    “Tua here is going to go #1 in the draft” That didn’t age well

  • DOAKS Music
    DOAKS Music 27 perccel

    How many weird things with a helmet can Rudolph be involved in. If they beat CLE in 2 weeks is he gonna dump Gatorade on Tomlin from his helmet lmfao

  • CJ Garza
    CJ Garza 34 perccel

    You should talk about Lamar Jackson, you still haven't referenced your cold take from before Lamar's draft, and he is looking way better than Sam Darnold, even if Sam Darnold were to be switched into a better organization. I mean Lamar is just playing absolutely insane Colin so let's go, talk about Lamar Jackson.

  • Harvey Hiccups
    Harvey Hiccups 42 perccel

    You are absolutely right, Colin! Enough with the excuses!!! Cleveland is done!!! Myles is done!!!

  • Todd Chinh
    Todd Chinh 42 perccel

    Houston wrong big mouth wrong again

  • Don Avan
    Don Avan Órája

    WM III was a beautiful thing. Steamboat-- savage match is up there for one of the best matches ever...... Another beautiful thing.

  • Koogan 117
    Koogan 117 Órája

    I think hed be an alright owner. I just dont think he will ever be one

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh Órája

    Regular season doesn't mean squat for this team 😂😂

  • Carvan Jackson
    Carvan Jackson Órája

    Myles Garrett did not start this encounter but Mason Rudolph did by trying to kick Garrett in his groins, Mason Rudolph tried to pull off Garrett helmet first, and there was separation by two Pittsburgh offensive linemen but Mason Rudolph aggressively advanced toward Myles Garrett and Garrett tried to be reciprocal in his actions. In my opinion, the hard tackle was within the confines of the game. However, with sissifying of the NFL I can see why some may think it is wrong. Bottomline they were both wrong and they should be punished equally. Tried of this racist white-plaining making the respondent to illegal aggression the only one culpable for this action.

  • William Copper
    William Copper Órája

    Wasn’t penalized for hit; didn’t drive him into the ground. He’s a full grown man playing a grown man sport, Not some child. He wasn’t attacked illegally. He got tackled, which is how we play football and got mad about losing. He picked a fight he couldn’t win. Myles took it too far but was backing away and Mason charged after him. Also, Baker scored three touchdowns against the Steelers defense and you still have no respect for him.

  • Shamsad Kamal
    Shamsad Kamal Órája

    Uhh humm.. you don't see women acting like that in sport... I get it - men/testosterone - but come on!! Stupid behaviour!

  • Shamsad Kamal
    Shamsad Kamal Órája

    Yes American football is violent - but no excuse can be made for Garreett's actions. In a normal day, normal person - that would be a felony/assault and off to jail. Rugby is also a 'violent' sport - lots of hard physcial tackles made all the time - but you will NEVER EVER see a rugby player act like that - they have too much dignity - no matter what the 'moment' is. You never see this in Rugby. And the NFL leaders have made their point and a good one that should be a message to all. That behaviour will never be condoned!

  • Jeff Ord
    Jeff Ord Órája

    I'll take missed the point for $500 Alex...

  • michael morehouse

    Collin is an idiot

  • Heathen 59
    Heathen 59 2 órája

    Mike McCarthy was wasting Aaron Rodgers career. How would he be the coach for Mayfield if he kept losing with Aaron?

  • Redeminem 995
    Redeminem 995 2 órája

    “I’ll take houston by 4”

  • ceddoggg 1 pride
    ceddoggg 1 pride 2 órája

    White privilege at its finest Rudolph played victim after started the whole thing

  • 260ne friend
    260ne friend 2 órája

    Uf mj was still playing or if this is happened in the 90s jodan will eat lebron alive send him back to school😂😊😂

  • Esmeralda Dela Cruz

    He's arguably the one and only recognized as the real GOAT, 6-0 in NBA FINALS and 6 NBA Finals MVP.. That's the reason why.

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens 3 órája

    Week 10 is a snoozefest. No real good games.

  • WizManBallin
    WizManBallin 3 órája

    Colin, Colin, Colin...Rudolph was NOT in self-defense mode. Myles was simply following thru on a tackle, maybe with some extra mustard but nothing that warranted what Mason did after he got to the ground. Mason had his foot in Myles' groin, a kick basically, before Myle's hit him with that helmet. Self-defense? PLEASE!!! Mason should be suspended as much as Myles! The kid was over there smirking after Myles got ejected like he did something great for his team! I hope Pittsburgh goes down in flames this season because of the league's lack of calling this properly! Myles, yes guilty. Mason? Added gas to the fire.

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips 3 órája

    This take makes no sense. My take away is next time someone pushes me I can shoot them but I have to do it within 7 seconds so I don’t get it trouble

  • Hussein Jaafar
    Hussein Jaafar 3 órája

    Omg who cares about football I wish they would stay talking about Nba ....

  • Jonathan Gagne
    Jonathan Gagne 4 órája

    There r haters & greaters: T.A. is a h. T.B. is a-greater. lol 😁

  • LiveMoose
    LiveMoose 4 órája

    God damn this guy is dumb.

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 4 órája

    Just my opinion, but Colin C. you didn’t make much of an impression on me when you were a sportscaster on a local affiliate in Vegas. You should bury your head in the sand for the comments made about Arron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. The verbal assault you unleashed on him everyday for six months was disgusting. Like “You know it all”. The omnipotent Colin.... with the tongue of a Serpent ... Who’s the serpent in the Good BooK? You did it for ratings, for your personal gain.... if that’s what you need to get ahead your very weak. Most of us Cheeseheads with post secondary education can see right through you. You’ve pi$$ed off every sports fan in Wisconsin. I go out of my way to NOT watch your show. My uncle recorded the daily ritual of tongue lashing you’d unleash on Rodgers and shared it with me.... Do you know how many consecutive days you said the same thing about Rodgers. How’s your comments working out with Rodgers and the Packers. Your just another talking head 🗣 Have a blessed day, LEARN to be HUMBLE.

  • Edward Mcallister
    Edward Mcallister 4 órája

    Cowherd talks the bull**** that irritates earlobes.

  • Daniel Matchett
    Daniel Matchett 4 órája

    When Colin thinks Houston will win at Baltimore 😂

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 4 órája

    The nfl keeps spitting in fans faces

  • Converted Browns Fan

    Bro did Colin watch the play? Garret made a legal tackle refs through no flags till the fighting started, Garret was under Rudolph actually cuz on the tackle he pulled Garret on top of him to avoid a flag and then started pulling at Garrets helmet for no reason and kicked him in the nuts (allegedly) so Garret retaliates and grabs Rudolph's helmet and then gets separated by a lineman bigger than he is and is being held by him and Rudolph gets up and goes on the attack after Garret. Yea Garret shouldnt swing the helmet agreed but you made it sound like Garret took his helmet and then chased down Rudolph to hit him with it which is just the exact opposite of what happenee

  • Kyle Brunecz
    Kyle Brunecz 5 órája

    When an offensive player defends a defensive player, you know it's not what it's made out to be.

  • Chris Diegel
    Chris Diegel 5 órája

    Your playing football possibly late hit is part of the game. He plays qb you can’t react like that as a qb.

  • OG Cannabis
    OG Cannabis 5 órája

    Baker hater

  • Johnnie Bell
    Johnnie Bell 5 órája

    Was their a flag for a late hit? No so now you say something that is not true. How could a sack be a late hit.

  • Amazon Woman
    Amazon Woman 5 órája

    Bet that rematch in two weeks was sold out during the fight!

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo 5 órája

    knucklehead should of been arrested for assault with a weapon

  • Amazon Woman
    Amazon Woman 5 órája

    .....Out for the playoffs?...The Browns?....XD XD XD...

    STRATE PAPER 6 órája

    Poor little GROWN punk heathen ahhhhhh Mason you okay?#RACECARD being played well here but it's pathetic for the white race😭😭👿💩💯

  • Nec Big Dog Ozzi
    Nec Big Dog Ozzi 6 órája

    Cleveland is a scumbag town.

  • Michael Ivanov
    Michael Ivanov 6 órája

    Can I see that Houston @ Baltimore again at Colin was wrong?

  • Ramon Jordan
    Ramon Jordan 6 órája


  • Michael J
    Michael J 6 órája

    Wrong, Rudolph is in the bar, makes a reach for Garretts bottle, Garrett is too strong and pulls his bottle away from him and takes Rudolphs bottle off him. Rudolphs mate, DeCastro, gets between them and in an attempt to defuse the situation pushes Myles back. Rudolph then charges at Garrett and tries to atrack him again as the situation is being calmed and Garrett cracks him as he is being restrained and is backtracking. Garrett should have had a penalty on the play but Rudolph instigated and continued the altercation. And all this talk, making out Rudolph is a little defenceless bloke. He is 6'5 and gets paid to swing his arm with velocity and throw things fast and hard. If they were both fighters, they would be in the same weight classification. Both Heavyweights.

  • The Sexy Arab
    The Sexy Arab 6 órája

    I'm a Vikings fan but you're tripping for having the Packers that low. They're a top 3 team.

  • surgeneral108
    surgeneral108 6 órája

    "A big guy hit you late penalty?" .....there was no late hit flag when Mason started it!

  • Kornfarmer
    Kornfarmer 6 órája

    Joel Klatt should run for president

  • imabeast991
    imabeast991 6 órája

    Your goofy bruh

  • Dylan England
    Dylan England 6 órája

    Well Collin you were dead wrong on Houston sorry pal

  • OccCeeno1
    OccCeeno1 7 órája

    LeBrons Finals # 15-18 #’s are crazy.

  • Christian Shoulders

    White people say damn out there mouths 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • John Herrera
    John Herrera 7 órája

    Myles was not hit illegally hence why the ref in white watching him specifically did not throw any flags until the fight started stop it rudolph deserved his licks

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 7 órája

    Poor Colin always bangs on his divorce

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 7 órája

    Eric Mangina got pretty humbled by the NFL too. Not sure why we listen to him when failed in Cleveland

  • javamanV3
    javamanV3 7 órája

    Nah - not subscribibg. If you had shown what you were watching instead of just saying "wow!" - i might have...

  • Painmaker Chris Jericho


    FIX IT FOX 7 órája

    Come to sc Myer we need a cheater to keep up with dabo sweetknees. Muschamps seat is melting it's so hot

  • Anthony Larosa
    Anthony Larosa 7 órája

    the set up for having a guest on is so off to me. don't know why im just noticing it

  • ronda allen
    ronda allen 8 órája

    so no one is going to talk about how rudolph tried to take off garrett's helmet first? no one is going to talk about how rudolph kept running up on garrett? everyone is just going to blame Myles Garrett for that mess?

  • Antonio Marcos Dos Santos

    Blowing out of proportion , 6 games was enough , can't stand the beat go back to the kitchen heat ; it's Football Collin ?!

  • thefisherman007
    thefisherman007 8 órája

    You need to re-watch the play if you think it was an illegal tackle. let alone no flag, Myles grabbed Mason while he had the ball, Mason threw it while Myles' head was facing to the left. Garret even "slammed" him the correct way by not landing on the QB, Garrett proceeds to let go only to have his helmet grabbed by Mason. Maybe watching it at .25 speed would help those bias eyes of yours

  • Logan Mckeivier
    Logan Mckeivier 8 órája

    He hates him because of one police vid

  • Larry Patterson
    Larry Patterson 8 órája

    Of course you would give the QB a pass Myles he's white ,and to you think its ok for a white man to assault a black man but not ok for a black to assault a white man. Get the QB out for the year too, to be fair!!!

    • Meme Iselfaneye
      Meme Iselfaneye 7 órája

      Had the QB also tried to brain an opponent with a helmet, then a year would be fair. Everything both men did up to that point was only fine worthy, it was Garrett using the helmet specifically that got that suspension...Rudolph shouldn't then have his punishment escalated because Garrett committed an action above and beyond. That'd be like getting extra jail time because the other guy pulled a gun. This isn't about color, one man did something beyond the limits of "it's football."

  • Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 8 órája

    Colon you must be blind you better watch the tape again,Ohio that, Mason Rudolph must be your steps son for you to have a take like that ,when you know he started the fight, .with no punishment or accountability.

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao 8 órája

    Those short arms, I just don't think they will hit the button......dangerous thing to say to an angry Asian dude who eats rice and goes to church.

  • Tim Newth
    Tim Newth 8 órája

    I understand how this happened. Suspension is appropriate.

  • Megatron
    Megatron 8 órája

    *Helmet safety standards exist* Miles Garret: Hold my Flag

  • Matt Hanf
    Matt Hanf 8 órája

    Face it LAMAR lovers...RUSSELL is better! He is having one good year and will be figured out. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  • Special PK
    Special PK 8 órája

    Colin was pretty close with the Baltimore prediction...oh wait no he wasn’t, the score was 41-7 Baltimore. . . oh

  • Kmillz TFT
    Kmillz TFT 8 órája

    Oh nice Colin Cowherd is spreading the lie that it was a late hit. No it wasn't. Watch the replay. It was less than a quarter second after the ball left Rudolphs hands. It is literally impossible for Garrett to stop his momentum at that point, if he was even able to see the ball.

  • davjlee1
    davjlee1 8 órája

    Collin is a sorry sorry man that hates Baker for sleeping with his wife

  • J F
    J F 8 órája

    We all know Colin doesn’t like Ohio, and our defense was just good ole hard hitting football up to the fight.

  • Sam Moore
    Sam Moore 8 órája

    Myles Rudolph

  • Miguelon88888
    Miguelon88888 8 órája

    As 49er I respect Russel, he is so good at making something happen when everything seems lost. I do hope we get revenge in Seattle.!!! Gi Niners

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent 9 órája

    Who’s here after the Ravens blew the Texans out😂

    • FBI Agent
      FBI Agent 32 perccel

      Nicholas Stillman I knew that there was no way we were losing to the Texans

    • Nicholas Stillman
      Nicholas Stillman 6 órája

      Me, im trolling all the haters and ppl that said we would lose

    • Raul Romero
      Raul Romero 7 órája

      Vikings came back after 20 - 0

  • Robert Antonelli
    Robert Antonelli 9 órája

    Jason Whitlock, you are a very smart man! Unfortunately, the media isn't.

  • justin doyle
    justin doyle 9 órája

    Colin you are the bracelet and I think you are a burner?

  • Cam Schmidt
    Cam Schmidt 9 órája

    Thank you

  • Mark Dudley
    Mark Dudley 9 órája

    Need to start calling the browns the mean machine lol. Garrett just went from punching a player in the head to hitting him in the head lol. He is a dirty player w a few screws loose. Stop defending this clown browns fans. It just makes you look stupid.

  • PC Masterace
    PC Masterace 9 órája

    Just to point out I’m not on Myle’s side by any means, but fix your story. If a guy comes at me in the bar and pulls on my shirt initiating a fight I’m not gonna let myself be thrown around. Simply put they both deserve punishment. Myles obviously way worse than Mason.

  • Brett Boggs
    Brett Boggs 9 órája

    That wasnt a illegal hit. Garrett deserves to be suspended but if I had two guys holding me back and the guy that just kick me in the nuts coming at me. I'd probably swing at him too

  • Steve Tatum
    Steve Tatum 9 órája

    Browns fans say Rudolph was the real assailant who started it and Garrett was the victim defending himself and got just rightful retaliation. Steelers fans say no way. They say Rudolph did nothing. Neither set of fans can be swayed from their opinions no matter what. Cleveland fans will go to their graves defending Garrett saying he had every right, and Pittsburgh fans will go to the ends of the earth screaming foul and calling Rudolph the real victim. The fans' opinions cannot be swayed the same way democrats and republicans can never be swayed with their civil war against each other. The divide between the Browns and the Steelers can never be healed.

  • Isaac German
    Isaac German 10 órája

    I usually like Colin but his take on this is ridiculous

  • Team Dirt
    Team Dirt 10 órája

    Texans did good

  • John Culver
    John Culver 10 órája

    How many QB’s have the Browns drafted and ruined in the past 30 years? Of course Baker will never reach his full potential!!!!

  • Galen Hill
    Galen Hill 10 órája

    Troy Aikman says Tom Brady knows how his balls feel

  • the king of utub e
    the king of utub e 10 órája

    My coach was a d lineman in the nfl and he be yelling at us all the time cuz we get off our double teams to long or not long enough

  • George Taylor
    George Taylor 10 órája

    Oops...I think the Ravens had other plans. LoL

  • stone cold cowboy
    stone cold cowboy 10 órája

    And coward, I don't guess you've ever heard there's a first time for everything

  • stone cold cowboy
    stone cold cowboy 10 órája

    If you're wrong you need to be punished yellow belly coward and you was wrong about this go back to Bobben on saban's knob!!!!

  • Allison Chao
    Allison Chao 10 órája

    The first 3 mins I was “defense” but he listed other points and I was like “yes but the difference is defenseeee”

  • Julian No
    Julian No 11 órája

    Dickerson is great and down to earth, funny and forgiving. I appreciate him. His knowledge of the game is in depth and he understands all the emotions involved. The Rams are in serious trouble now. They seem to have a disinterested running back signed to a very expensive contract and they have an average quarterback in bad need of an O Line. McVey himself is over hyped. This is a .500 team for the foreseeable future.

  • steve castillo
    steve castillo 11 órája

    Mason Rudolph you’re so hard headed 😏

  • B Metzger
    B Metzger 11 órája

    Noones defending miles garett

  • Blue Monster
    Blue Monster 11 órája

    "Watching this after Ravens vs Texans game" mmhmm....ok... 28-26 Texans, "Looking at current score" hmmm...not even close

  • Ravensredzone
    Ravensredzone 11 órája

    Colin was wrong, Ravens 41 Texans 7.

    BIGG RIGG 11 órája

    That was not a late hit on Garret. And the instigating was created by Rudolph! So BS!

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann 11 órája

    The game isn’t violent, the players are. And that’s why fans watch in the first place.

    SOULDE 11 órája

    Go DIE