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Coldplay - Orphans (Muzi Remix)
Megtekintés 185 E4 napja
Coldplay - Daddy (Preview)
Megtekintés 535 E5 napja
Coldplay - Guns (Preview)
Megtekintés 371 E12 napja
Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)
Megtekintés 39 M25 napja
November 22, 1919
Megtekintés 345 EHónapja
#AHFODfilm special feature
Megtekintés 468 E11 hónapja
Coldplay - Paradise (Live in São Paulo)
Megtekintés 2,7 M11 hónapja
Believe In Love
Megtekintés 2,1 M2 évvel
Fly On Vancouver
Megtekintés 2,3 M2 évvel
Kaleidoscope EP - CD edition
Megtekintés 229 E2 évvel
Kaleidoscope EP vinyl edition
Megtekintés 225 E2 évvel
Amazing Day Global Film Project
Megtekintés 2,2 M2 évvel
Coldplay - Up&Up (Freedo remix)
Megtekintés 1,9 M3 évvel
Coldplay - Up&Up (Behind the scenes)
Megtekintés 3,1 M3 évvel
#AHFODtour fan intro videos
Megtekintés 200 E3 évvel
Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)
Megtekintés 182 M3 évvel
Coldplay's first ever show
Megtekintés 370 E4 évvel
Coldplay - Birds (Official Video)
Megtekintés 16 M3 évvel
Coldplay at Glastonbury 2005
Megtekintés 111 E4 évvel
Coldplay - Ghost Story (Full video)
Megtekintés 3,9 M4 évvel
Coldplay - Fix You (Four Tet Remix)
Megtekintés 803 E4 évvel
Coldplay - Miracles (Official Audio)
Megtekintés 4,6 M5 évvel
Coldplay - Ink (Official Fans' Cut)
Megtekintés 33 M5 évvel
Coldplay - O (from Ghost Stories)
Megtekintés 1 M5 évvel
Coldplay - Ink (from Ghost Stories)
Megtekintés 1,5 M5 évvel
Coldplay - Magic (Behind the scenes)
Megtekintés 682 E5 évvel


  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Órája

    I used to love Coldplay until I found Muse. They are my two favourite bands but I think, in my opinion that Muse takes the cake, but I love them both. Go British bands!

  • Carter Hanes
    Carter Hanes 2 órája

    The w in viva la vida stands for Winston

  • Pablo GS
    Pablo GS 2 órája

    Can anyone get the chords from 1:53 this part?

  • Sol Yu
    Sol Yu 2 órája

    Viéndolo una vez más, antes del 1b ♡♡♡♡

  • Alejandro Sifuentes

    Reminds me of this amazing ex 😤😔

  • Jack T Q
    Jack T Q 2 órája

    Yeah Is coldplay My heart I love you 2019

  • Laura Ferraz
    Laura Ferraz 2 órája

    Maior lá music

  • Brandon Joaquin
    Brandon Joaquin 2 órája

    Thanos snaps finger Everybody: 3:44

  • Sang Ngo
    Sang Ngo 2 órája

    I cry. Miss my father so much...

  • carlos vega
    carlos vega 2 órája


  • Donna Caetana
    Donna Caetana 2 órája

    Brasileiros onde estão vocês?

  • Louise Applewhaite
    Louise Applewhaite 2 órája

    The piano and violins makes this song sound beautiful.

  • carlo giovanni
    carlo giovanni 2 órája

    Muito bom o clipe. ..agora, o modelo do BMW é lindo demais.....para mim, um dos mais bonitos..... clássico......17/11/2019.

  • Gersson Oviedo
    Gersson Oviedo 2 órája

    My mate proposed to his girl with this song.

    DENISSE GOMEZ 2 órája

    This song is me right now! I cant describe how amazing is music and how amazing is Coldplay! This is a real story. I dont know if you have time to read, but I just feel like writing. I'm from a small country in south america. Just a girl with a lot of dreams. My mom always told me believe that everything you want and dream one day will come true. My dream was NYC. Today I was walking NYC streets. I was heading to Penn station to take the train back home. Earphones and music on. Coldplay playlist as always. Then this song was playing and suddenly, I couldn't help the chills. The city. Me there. My mom's words. Coldplay in my head. My head full of indescribable feelings. I put the song on replay until I got home. Just watched the video for the first time. And I just can't believe it. I'll remember this day forever. And I am forever grateful for my mom and my life! Nov. 17. 2019

  • hbishop34
    hbishop34 2 órája

    Why can’t if find this on Spotify? Also, I agree, super underrated. But Coldplay’s most underrated song is Swallowed In The Sea

  • Melinda A
    Melinda A 2 órája

    I'm too in love to let him go

  • Dat1132 Huu
    Dat1132 Huu 2 órája

    i loveyou 3000

  • Yojhan HM
    Yojhan HM 2 órája

    Alguien sabe de qué genero musical es esta canción,??? me gusta mucho <3

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia 2 órája

    Touch my heart

  • Baby SillySally
    Baby SillySally 2 órája

    Love It!!!! Love Coldplay, mi banda favorita, su musica me hace mucho bien... 😊

  • el Cy lous
    el Cy lous 2 órája

    No se que paso en ese comentario de abajo, pero hasta buena sopa de macaco estan haciendo......ME GUARDAN...para darsela a su madrecita!!, I`m really lost about the low comment of someone who loves the macacos, at the end with so many answers , they are preparing some soup of MONKEY, please save some for me, I NEED to give it to your mother when she is about to die, BYE locas!!

  • john aguilar
    john aguilar 2 órája

    Love listening to this song with the radio blasting driving fast with the windows down!

  • vigilante Brasileiro

    Uma banda que leva o rock a sério

  • Ben zockt
    Ben zockt 2 órája

    Fuck Decpacito !!!

  • NOPe _
    NOPe _ 2 órája

    thank you to all the people who love india

  • k edits
    k edits 2 órája

    this song be hittin different.. :/

  • Karl James Galos
    Karl James Galos 3 órája

    sh*t coldplay BEST BAND FOREVER

  • the shire man
    the shire man 3 órája

    im getting some coldplay vibes from this one


    19 years old that song now =)

  • olive j
    olive j 3 órája

    Love this song but is too similar to "If I could fly" by Joe Satriani.

  • Omar Meaat
    Omar Meaat 3 órája


  • Zaid Quispe
    Zaid Quispe 3 órája

    Nice i like is before

  • N A
    N A 3 órája

    Pure genius

  • Dingo Dad
    Dingo Dad 3 órája

    Cold Play you have done it again ❤️

  • Gogeta UL Ultimately strong character

    Very nice video I liked the video Minecraft ?????? Song ??????!!? Captain sparkles ??????!????

  • Dwie Agustin
    Dwie Agustin 3 órája


  • The Prince, the Rose & La Muerte

    They never disappoint me.

  • Josiane Valoes
    Josiane Valoes 3 órája


  • Tamile Gomes
    Tamile Gomes 3 órája


  • pJ pj
    pJ pj 3 órája

    Yeeah, we must Hus der!? Calejei, nunca diga nunca were love sinta-o dentro de si.

  • pJ pj
    pJ pj 3 órája

    As música librt. NATURAL BAKUGAN PEIDEI NA SALA DE AULA QUASE CAGUEI... -este é teu pendente (pensento) pensamento!? Só um comentário, caso gostar dá-me uno liki, OLHA OS MACACAO

  • pJ pj
    pJ pj 3 órája

    Quem veio 1°?

  • Mr. Punk
    Mr. Punk 3 órája

    People disliking this video do not deserve to die peacefully

  • Bastian Wirahadinata

    can't wait this song🤗

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 órája

    After many years, I tried all I could do to forget her but I couldn't , still thinking of her , still dreaming of her beauty, of all these moments together every night but I wake up and remember that she's married now... I love you !

  • Review And Pause Channel

    November 2019 ??

  • Gucci Gucci
    Gucci Gucci 4 órája

    In a really fawkin annoying voice "Ay does anyone have a chaarger? We're dying"

  • PeaKer_Pe
    PeaKer_Pe 4 órája


  • Sandra Santos
    Sandra Santos 4 órája

  • Marcy C
    Marcy C 4 órája

    I'm here this year before Thanksgiving. Beautiful song!

  • Mhamed Chouder
    Mhamed Chouder 4 órája

    حاجة فل gود

  • Green Dragon
    Green Dragon 4 órája

    Why does everyone except death? Why not except life instead? (You may kill my body, but you'll never kill my soul!)

  • derek452
    derek452 4 órája

    Why only 34million views. The beat and vocals give me goosebumps especially around 3:25. It's probably 4 million views just by me. 😃

  • anthony balcazar
    anthony balcazar 4 órája

    Nobody: K-pop groups: 3:41

  • Flying Fox
    Flying Fox 4 órája

    Music unites the world

  • Marcela Chanderbhan

    One of the best songs I've ever heard.❤❤

  • Corey Proctor
    Corey Proctor 4 órája

    5 more sleeps till the album.


    I wish everyone in the world would love each other. Its a beautiful world out there for all of us

  • Hannah Stocks
    Hannah Stocks 4 órája

    I refuse to believe this came out in 2008

  • alex guerra
    alex guerra 4 órája

    Esta musica es como estar en el cielo lo mejor

  • Samantha Martinez
    Samantha Martinez 4 órája

    this song makes me cry a lot

  • Samantha Martinez
    Samantha Martinez 4 órája

    this song makes me cry a lot

  • Alejandro Olesh
    Alejandro Olesh 4 órája

    Nunca había prestado atención al vídeo :0

  • Karma Roam
    Karma Roam 4 órája

    To build a a home - The cinematic orchestra entwined

  • Trollin Gremlin
    Trollin Gremlin 4 órája


  • Abraham Lincoln has


  • juan matias rios
    juan matias rios 4 órája


  • Jacira Sanches Sanches

    Uma das minhas banda do coração ❤

  • Fero Rimsky
    Fero Rimsky 4 órája


  • lego sonicraft
    lego sonicraft 4 órája

    Great music for China 😉👍

    EBYT TWOOOSIX 4 órája

    I mean this song is great and all but... Jeffery epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Hazim Ali
    Hazim Ali 4 órája

    I really like the parts of Beyoncé in the music video anyone else?

  • Xollyazium
    Xollyazium 4 órája

    Heartbreaking song.

  • jvkingempanad
    jvkingempanad 5 órája

    speed of sound

  • snicole daniels
    snicole daniels 5 órája

    2009, please me back 2009.... PSD, MISS U.

  • Fátima Reis
    Fátima Reis 5 órája

    Always in my heart your music ... Forever ❤️🎶💯😍 Kiss from Portugal

  • Karim Alaswad
    Karim Alaswad 5 órája

    Come up to meet you Tell you I'm sorry You don't know how lovely you are I had to find you Tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart Tell me your secrets And ask me your questions Oh let's go back to the start Running in circles, coming up tails Heads on a science apart Nobody said it was easy It's such a shame for us to part Nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be this hard Oh take me back to the start I was just guessing at numbers and figures Pulling your puzzles apart Questions of science, science and progress Do not speak as loud as my heart Tell me you love me Come back and haunt me Oh and I rush to the start Running in circles, chasing our tails Coming back as we are Nobody said it was easy Oh it's such a shame for us to part Nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be so hard I'm going back to the start

  • Elivelton Oliveira
    Elivelton Oliveira 5 órája

    I from Brazil i love Coldplay

  • Willie G. Macthur
    Willie G. Macthur 5 órája

    ColdPlay always come through for me,Their songs takes me off my butt.Now my 2019 is much happier.. Need a holiday far from my comfort zone.

  • david chavez
    david chavez 5 órája


  • Ανδρέας Φράγκος


  • Dank_Wolfe
    Dank_Wolfe 5 órája

    September 25th is my birthday

  • Ανδρέας Φράγκος


  • Obby
    Obby 5 órája

    The bassline is so good

  • Gaelle Foschia
    Gaelle Foschia 5 órája

    Le v là le hôtel spot...

  • The Winstonz
    The Winstonz 5 órája

    Anyone in 2027??? I DONT CARE!!!

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony 5 órája

    Gergana tu me manque 😭😭😭😭😭

  • May B.
    May B. 5 órája

    Love this song. Always!

  • Mónica Moreno
    Mónica Moreno 5 órája

    Yo amo esta canción ...

  • Harsh Kansal
    Harsh Kansal 5 órája

    Coldplay used to be better :(

    GABRIEL 6 órája


  • Fat Squad
    Fat Squad 6 órája

    How the fuck have I not heard this song it has a billion views

  • Benjamin Hancock
    Benjamin Hancock 6 órája

    Wow I didn't realize this was new, I thought it was just an old classic I somehow missed. Damn Coldplay y'all are LEGENDS!

  • Augusto Alves
    Augusto Alves 6 órája

    Cadê os brasileiros aquiiii 😧😢2019

  • Emilia Aparecida Dos Santos Nery

    Coldplay essa musica e contagiante. Pura energia e inspiracao! Gratidao.

  • sara alaoui
    sara alaoui 6 órája

    Sharing my peace and love from morocco🎤❤

  • Bea Gonçalves
    Bea Gonçalves 6 órája

    Confesso que só estou ouvindo por causa do filme Abominável

  • Maximus B
    Maximus B 6 órája

    Coldplay:We will take people to the stars .🙂 Semjase:Huuuummm,I dont think soo....😐 Also Ashtar Sheran : Maybe only if people can wake up from Reality and realize that THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES IN THE UNIVERSE.🖖✨ (AND STOP BULL****)