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Bishop Briggs - LONELY
Megtekintés 52 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?
Megtekintés 160 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - I TRIED (DEMO)
Megtekintés 34 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - I STILL LOVE YOU
Megtekintés 38 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - MY SHINE
Megtekintés 35 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - WILD
Megtekintés 48 E11 napja
Bishop Briggs - SOMEONE ELSE
Megtekintés 227 E18 napja
Bishop Briggs - JEKYLL & HIDE
Megtekintés 13 MHónapja
Megtekintés 940 E3 hónapja
Bishop Briggs - CHAMPION
Megtekintés 4,8 M4 hónapja
Bishop Briggs - Baby (Acoustic)
Megtekintés 1,7 M11 hónapja
Bishop Briggs - Baby
Megtekintés 5 MÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Baby (Audio)
Megtekintés 643 EÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Lyin' (Audio)
Megtekintés 963 EÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Water (Audio)
Megtekintés 771 EÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Hold On (Audio)
Megtekintés 623 EÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - White Flag
Megtekintés 7 MÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Because I'm Free
Megtekintés 153 EÉvvel
Bishop Briggs - Dream
Megtekintés 11 M2 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Dream (Audio)
Megtekintés 586 E2 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Dark Side (Audio)
Megtekintés 10 M2 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Wild Horses
Megtekintés 666 E2 évvel
Bishop Briggs - The Way I Do
Megtekintés 1,3 M3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Becoming (Vevo LIFT)
Megtekintés 345 E3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Wild Horses
Megtekintés 173 E3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Be Your Love (Audio)
Megtekintés 3,4 M3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - The Way I Do (Audio)
Megtekintés 2,2 M3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - River
Megtekintés 110 M3 évvel
Bishop Briggs - Wild Horses
Megtekintés 9 M3 évvel


  • Keyla Montenegro
    Keyla Montenegro 23 perccel

    I remember making a musically to this song xD the only musically i was actually proud of :')

  • Keith Michaels
    Keith Michaels 37 perccel


  • Lisbeth Salander
    Lisbeth Salander 49 perccel

    Yes,the labels are searching for a new "Bad Guy"....

  • Every Day
    Every Day 58 perccel

    vengo de meteor garden xd

  • DougVale
    DougVale Órája

    I swear I thought she was black (her first album cover her skin was darker and thought she was a hip-hop artist).

  • Denika Nieto
    Denika Nieto Órája

    Her shaving her head for her good friend who just started chemo!❣

  • Luana Stephanie
    Luana Stephanie Órája

    Eu amoooo ❤

  • Cry Now
    Cry Now 2 órája


  • Galactic Phoenix
    Galactic Phoenix 2 órája

    I will fight anyone who makes fun of her hair.

  • radioactive
    radioactive 3 órája


  • Jakub Mirosławski
    Jakub Mirosławski 3 órája

    Holy, didn't know Sinnead O'Connor made a comeback!!!

  • GreyMouse
    GreyMouse 4 órája

    I remember when the comment section wasn't a percentage chart...

  • 4:13 Productions
    4:13 Productions 4 órájaó.html

  • BAMBOgini
    BAMBOgini 4 órája

    if i got 50 likes i'll sing this song in my college fr

  • Salem Stewart
    Salem Stewart 6 órája

    This is absolutely my most favored song now ❤

  • Ipunk
    Ipunk 6 órája


  • Eva Lin
    Eva Lin 6 órája

    I love the confidence that you have 😊🧸

  • yiyo yiyo
    yiyo yiyo 7 órája

    Demasiado me lo recomendó HUclip :/ al final lo tuve que ver por error. Volveré a SoundCloud

  • Rocket Lights
    Rocket Lights 7 órája

    I fuckin love this song

  • Huma K
    Huma K 7 órája


  • NateFallo
    NateFallo 7 órája

    Am I just dirty minded or is this song a bit about sex?

  • Brandon Robert Weaver

    Love ya momma!

  • briana smith
    briana smith 8 órája

    I think i found my next addiction

  • kookiemin uwu
    kookiemin uwu 8 órája

    this is talent

  • Dj Doolittle
    Dj Doolittle 8 órája

    Great vocal 💚🎧

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy 8 órája

    I JUST discovered her and shes EVERYTHING I needed right now. Powerful voice!

  • Kelly Minga rivera
    Kelly Minga rivera 8 órája

    2019 Alguien? Hermosa canción

  • Dragomir Danut
    Dragomir Danut 8 órája

    Damm!!! u did it again:)))))

  • Kayla Ridder
    Kayla Ridder 9 órája

    I've never loved a song so much that I don't know if I should cry, jump around, or scream. Love it so much!!

  • Just Be You
    Just Be You 9 órája

    Ooo, yes...!!! <3

  • Дмитрий Беринец

    Я ломаю все ваши КОНЧЕННЫЕ стереотипы. Будет больно всем, мне точно будет больно. Я УВЕРЕН что я получу за свое Я.

  • Ajay Samir
    Ajay Samir 9 órája

    So this song is about her suspecting that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder???

  • electrochoc 91
    electrochoc 91 9 órája

    January 2026 ? 😃..... Wait....

  • Tamara Ida
    Tamara Ida 9 órája

    This is Brilliant.

  • Cameron McCarthy
    Cameron McCarthy 10 órája

    Take that tune, still a good song though

  • shbh0
    shbh0 10 órája

    i cant finish the song because i keep replying it before it even end this is weird

  • copil al soarelui
    copil al soarelui 10 órája

    2020 ?

  • Pyontic Wayne
    Pyontic Wayne 10 órája

    The answer to self loneliness become better than yourself and still love yourself peace humans

  • Foster_ viu
    Foster_ viu 10 órája

    Me recuerda a Believer de Imagine Dragons xdd

  • 0opisceso0
    0opisceso0 10 órája

    Love this <3

  • xXtina Christina
    xXtina Christina 10 órája

    Not here bc of Scream (they were pretty terrible movies) . Similar music tastes <3

  • Chimère Païɘnne Pro-Autodafé

    Is that a jack cosplays from mass Effect 3 ? .. anyway nice song ..

  • sten neesgaard
    sten neesgaard 10 órája


  • F Yorishaby
    F Yorishaby 12 órája

    je t'aime Bishop Briggs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me Also me
    Me Also me 12 órája

    The amount of "baby" in this song makes me suspect that she is actually Hozier in disguise

  • Arjuna Delhy
    Arjuna Delhy 13 órája

    Rithmen and blues indie .Strong beautiful Voice .No words I am impress..

  • Sharon Brennan
    Sharon Brennan 13 órája

    Omg Jonathan you keep me alive alright .. look at you 😍😋 masculine or what ?? What a beautiful guy . Sing to me any time anywhere ♥️👍

  • Stan Tae Edits
    Stan Tae Edits 13 órája

    Amei porém nenhuma música supera river

  • Katia Teteltitla
    Katia Teteltitla 14 órája

    "The Fire" Gave me love, sweet love Gave me love, sweet love Heaven above, sent me love But it wasn't enough, no it wasn't enough 'Cause I've been a devil, I've been a saint Somebody help me, I can't change I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) Oh, I let my lover go, didn't wanna be a liar Ashes in the cold, now I'm running toward the fire (Runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) Gave me love, gave me sick sick love But it was me who got swallowed up Not enough, dust to dust, pray for us 'Cause I've been a devil, I've been a saint Somebody help me, I can't change I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) Oh, I let my lover go, didn't wanna be a liar Ashes in the cold, now I'm running toward the fire (Runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) I keep on (runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire) Oh oh, gonna get burned, gonna get burned Oh, oh, oh Oh oh, gonna get burned, gonna get burned Oh Oh, I let my lover go, didn't wanna be a liar Ashes in the cold, now I'm running toward the fire Runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire Oh, I'm running Runnin' toward, runnin' toward the fire, oh

  • Francy D
    Francy D 14 órája

    Love this

  • Mankind200
    Mankind200 15 órája

    This song is truly beautiful and inspirational

  • Evgene
    Evgene 16 órája

    jekyll and hide ing me

  • Team Brandon
    Team Brandon 16 órája

    Every time this song appears on MG, you sh*t is about to get deep.

  • Peter Balanza
    Peter Balanza 16 órája

    Rejoice Shampoo

  • Toya is Dead?
    Toya is Dead? 17 órája

    So uh- I have been playing this game called Jekyll and Hyde and this song just popped up on my recommendations- Now Im truly addicted and I keep playing it while listening to this song lol

  • Charlokitty
    Charlokitty 17 órája


  • Jed Farley
    Jed Farley 19 órája

    There's this soft singing going on now. Her, Billy etc. Did that beat tho.

  • Nguyễn Linh Hương

    That dang Rejoice ad brings me here

  • Adora Elise
    Adora Elise 20 órája

    The distorted guitar at end 🎸 !!!

  • 遥
     20 órája

    This song looks alike The Score 's song...... Song is 「Higher」I want you to listen to this song.

  • De Teiche
    De Teiche 20 órája

    Iklan shampoo?

  • life by sarah
    life by sarah 21 órája

    Wow amazing song

  • rishaye boo
    rishaye boo 21 órája

    November 2019?

  • Sxxx.a.m
    Sxxx.a.m 22 órája

    Te amo te amo te amooo

  • jeune banane rosé
    jeune banane rosé 22 órája

    Your voice is a gift ! ❤

  • Creator Unreality
    Creator Unreality 22 órája


  • jeune banane rosé
    jeune banane rosé 22 órája

    Awesome ❤❤❤❤❤

    MARIA J. PACANA 23 órája


  • Devin Lowers
    Devin Lowers 23 órája

    Love you bishop

  • Jenuine JonesZen Productions

    Excellent. Thank you.

  • Amber K
    Amber K Napja

    Tik Tok brought me here

  • Wanessa Nogueira


  • worm
    worm Napja

    found this song bc it was playing in aeropostale

  • Robo Fisk
    Robo Fisk Napja

    In my opinion, you're helping finally bringing back what music once was, an expression. Expressing the true genres of soul, jazz and a little blues, roots as it were but with a flavor of the current. I look forward to more.

  • animallover east

    thumbs up

  • Robo Fisk
    Robo Fisk Napja

    This WHOLE album is gold. Look, I love music from Pachelbel to the Memphis Jug band right over to Amon Amarth. I am very eclectic depending on my mood. Thus, I will say this about this new album....fucking wow. The hooks, the lyrics and most of all, the emotions. Very beautiful, so, thank you. In closing "lonely" needs to be the intro for a Bond film hands down. Thank you for making music that my kids love. Keep it up kid.

  • steflondon coleman

    I love this video..... I have watch it several times

  • CarleyTheCat 113

    I L I K E

  • C C
    C C Napja

    One of Katy Perrys discoveries i believe

  • C C
    C C Napja

    One of Katy Perrys discoveries i believe

  • GreyMouse
    GreyMouse Napja

    Guys can someone please tell me what is Meteor Garden?

  • Estefani Lopez

    Noviembre 2019 (?

  • Self Love
    Self Love Napja

    I love this

  • Beate Sjøberg

    November 2019?

  • Beate Sjøberg

    I dance this on my dance 😍

  • Mariana Koos
    Mariana Koos Napja


  • Luiza Castro
    Luiza Castro Napja


  • Elizabeth Ordoñez

    buena cancion me encanto

  • Sabrina Prates

    Algum braseiro aqui?

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Napjaó.html

  • Joly Al
    Joly Al Napja

    I love your song so much 💛💛🤞🏻

  • Eline Bjøro
    Eline Bjøro Napja

    November 2019 anyone?!?!?!

  • PaulJohn Kelly

    3weeks till see this LEGEND IN THE MAKING live 😎😍

  • Cristian Rafa

    La conoci por el cover que hizo Everglow y ahora la amo

  • Arwa Hh
    Arwa Hh Napja


  • Amoya Steer
    Amoya Steer Napja

    Longer pleaseeee 😍😭

  • Jeo Fickles
    Jeo Fickles Napja

    Anyone, agreeing with me completely but with a slightly different vocabulary Me:

  • Sofia Ali
    Sofia Ali Napja

    Can someone briefly tell me who is Jekyll and Hyde?

  • Thecrimsonreaper 1978

    i was their 12,323,222 viewer