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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
Megtekintés 2,3 M11 napja


  • Lilyeth
    Lilyeth 2 órája

    aww those kids were so cute, especially the end "I, like, don't know what it means"

  • Sanja Markovic
    Sanja Markovic 2 órája

    How about this a year later when US is backing Saudi Arabia against Iran?

  • Rebecca Black
    Rebecca Black 2 órája

    none dare call it conspiracy chapter 2 socialism royal road to power for the super rich from freecitizensamerica

  • Rebecca Black
    Rebecca Black 2 órája

    none dare call it conspiracy chapter 2 socialism royal road to power for the super rich from freecitizensamericaó.html

  • Makula Muwanga
    Makula Muwanga 2 órája

    Lin-Manuel Miranda is Moana

  • Janusha
    Janusha 2 órája

    Rampant debt taking on a life of its own is one of americas largest monumental failures.

  • Wicked Amoeba
    Wicked Amoeba 2 órája

    Did ..... Did John use this story as an excuse to unleash his fursona upon Japan?

  • Neo Shi
    Neo Shi 2 órája

    This video is full of ignorance and prejudice! You know nothing about China! Mind your own business please! Solve your gun issue!

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave 2 órája

    I'm pretty sure that somewhere there's a Top Ten List from the Late Show with David Letterman that mentions a chicken restaurant called Hitler's. Kind of a comforting thought. Kind of.

  • Udit Kumar
    Udit Kumar 3 órája

    anyone has link to nay article or video for how Dalai Lama escaped to India. All I know is 5 Assam Rifles helped him escape and when he returned in a ceremony he recognised an 80 year old retired army man from India who was with him during his track down to India. Its such a fascinating story and I wish to know more about it. much love to Tibetans #freetibet

  • Rayzod
    Rayzod 3 órája

    i´m pro photo id vote, but it shouldn´t be that damn hard to get that id, photo id is something the government should provide for it´s citisens not try to prevent them from getting. In addition, ern´t those politicians cought on camera comitting that crime, which is suposedly punished by a 10000 dollar fine and 5 years in prison? i´d imagine that in a fair system, she´d now have at least 5 years time in prison to get her toilet and lunch breaks.

  • Natalie W
    Natalie W 3 órája

    Diva Cups are real, have fun Googling There's period underwear but I don't think there's any thongs Leaving period toilet paper as the non existent thing.

  • Robert Wozniak
    Robert Wozniak 3 órája

    India currently has a overpopulation problem so why not have an one child policy there, screw the negatives as long as it solves the overpopulation.

  • 巨人の肩
    巨人の肩 3 órája

    The rich *always win.*

  • Sidney Easton
    Sidney Easton 3 órája

    I am not against civil asset forfeiture but an officer should have to give a receipt on witch is stated his reasonable cause for suspicion and if his cause can not be proved then the money or goods should be returned with interest and full compensation for any inconvenience caused by the forfeiture. Any officer wishing to search a person his home or vehicle has to state what he is looking for in writing to prove reasonable cause for suspicion the same process should be applied to warrants that should state what is being searched for. Fishing without reasonable cause is illegal unless you consent to it. Refusing consent is not reasonable cause. Police have weapons and demanding that you allow them to do what they want whilst bearing those weapons even if they are in the holster would be deemed as threatening violence with a weapon. Slapping the cuffs on a person without stating the crime and reading the rights is armed kidnapping. Calling another unit to the scene when it is not needed can also be deemed to be a threatening action by the police. Police demanding that people leave the area are just demanding that there are no witnesses to their action unless they allow one or two to stay but not participate. You have the right to have independent witness when being questioned

  • Udit Kumar
    Udit Kumar 3 órája

    After watching this i go like "damn! America is awesome" but then I watch crime rates and people behaving stupidly for fame I go like meh! they aren't so different, they just have more money.

  • Adam Blakeman
    Adam Blakeman 3 órája

    I would just like to point out that in this circumstance, America is behind North Korea and SYRIA. Also, Britain gives a year of maternity leave and we're fine

  • 许先森
    许先森 3 órája


  • Adam Blakeman
    Adam Blakeman 3 órája

    The solution is simple. Just give everyone an ID

  • Paul PaganHawk Marshall

    America you are fucked up

  • Maranda Gillespie
    Maranda Gillespie 4 órája

    John Oliver and Stephen Colbert need to be the ones running this country.!

  • Valerie Gagnon
    Valerie Gagnon 4 órája

    BASIC KNOWLEDGE IS LACKING IN THIS EPISODE : for example Look into what the CATHOLIQUE CHURCH in Quebec did to us French Canadians, forcing our grand mothers to have children every waking year of their productive age. And cruelly forcing unmarried young women who fell pregnant to institutionalized abandonment filling the loca orphanage with hundreds of kids. All victims of neglect if not downright sexual abuse. I BET YOU these early young Chinese women were more than happy not to be saddled by their society with dozens of children..... Sure one child is crazily dumb for anyone who understands native grow pyramids but their gov. Probably banked on the enormous wealth their one child policy would bring overall: one highly trained child being more than capable of feeding above 10 grand parents on the added value of its labor alone.

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr Dudała 4 órája

    Western communists should educate their chinese counterparts about being sexually flexible, gender identity politics :OD Also, China had current US population ( ~400 mln ) during WW II, when US population was rougly 1/3rd this size ( 130 mln ). Obvious Dr. Strangelove references aside ... for size, position and history of China there were few good solutions at the time. Laugh all you want, but these were times of Clube of Rome reports being prominent. Tragic, yes, but with totally unchecked growth China would be in for the rough time, with rest of the world along for involuntary ride. Of course there were better ways of carrying it out, but war-impoverished and torn, poor nation had obviously little sensibilities for that. Children obesity is problemy in ANY fast developring market, even with prevalent starvation ( India for example ), as are eating habbits not catching up with food processing and availability. And it is easy to criticize from perspective of absurdly afluent country like USA, having half of entire continent for less than quarter of China's population. Finally - many western man have exactly the same problem as chinese counterparts, just for different reasons and its not like women trafficing is exclusive to China. Europe also has 4:2:1 issue.

  • Adam Blakeman
    Adam Blakeman 4 órája

    America needs that defence money because Trump is preparing to 'defend' America from the countries that want to HELP them

  • Lipstick Chateau Wine Color

    Why can't Lindsay Graham just retire omg...that dude is a nutcase 💀

  • Jared Maples
    Jared Maples 4 órája

    Fuck tru*p

  • Sabvina Cruz
    Sabvina Cruz 4 órája

    13k dislikes huh? So, Jay Leno and the Clinton’s plus all the trolls and scum of the earth... if only the dislikes were public info so we could see usernames.

  • MrEnjoivolcom1
    MrEnjoivolcom1 4 órája

    10:15 That's us!! Wilmington, NC. We're notorious for the 911 call-waiting message/recording. Actually made the news a little ways back.

  • grtgrt
    grtgrt 4 órája

    Rapey Prez gets fellow rapey dude a Supreme Court position. In other news, water remains to be wet.

  • Srikanth Oluguthula

    This kind people we need more around world....

  • WillTell
    WillTell 4 órája

    even our little nation managed to build a nuclear waste storage facility in 10 years after gaining independence, even have a second one now because the first one was too small!

  • tyro244
    tyro244 5 órája

    Someday some news person with have to display behind them R.I.P. RIP TAYLOR and Rip will laugh from his coffin.

  • grtgrt
    grtgrt 5 órája

    Of course he got elected. How else did you think it was going to go after he said that's the worst possible outcome?

  • Abdul Fatah
    Abdul Fatah 5 órája

    Pasta he is eating evidence

  • Arjun Vemuri
    Arjun Vemuri 5 órája

    I bet someone jerked off with that lotion

  • Wesley Brehm
    Wesley Brehm 5 órája

    Webster's dictionary definition of a tax: "a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes." The carbon pricing structures, both proposed and already in use, are absolutely taxes. While I understand the negative optics of calling them a tax, it's even more ridiculous to try to not call them a tax. Saying they aren't a tax just makes someone look like a foolish liar. It's almost as rich as EA calling their in-game gambling schemes in children's video games "surprise mechanics." The PR-heavy double speak completely invalidates the argument because it makes people think you're hiding something, therefore eroding the trust in whatever else you may be saying.

  • Sean Rea
    Sean Rea 5 órája

    Tronc to change name back to Tribune Publishing after years of ridicule

  • Nonya Damnbusiness
    Nonya Damnbusiness 5 órája

    This whole segment is a demonstration of how stupid the majority of people are. The idea that adults fall for magic beans is just pathetic.

  • Roger Neri
    Roger Neri 6 órája

    American companies don't recognize Guam. Try putting the zip code of 96913 (Mangilao, GU) into United, Nordstroms, Best Buy, Venmo, Cashapp or any other online retailer and it will ask you for a valid zip code. USPS, FedEX and Amazon recognize it, just a small handful. The area code, 671, is considered internation and my Verizon number works in Japan and Korea, but not in Guam.

  • cameron freer
    cameron freer 6 órája

    Anyone else get their news exclusively from comedy news?

  • Barbara Steinberg
    Barbara Steinberg 6 órája

    Egypt is not older than China. Neolithic civilizations in China go back 10,000 years or more. Early Bronze Age: Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia, and China. Then came Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Why did Xi say something like that? The Chinese are passionate about dating antiquities. WOW.

  • Yahav
    Yahav 6 órája

    we make a laugh but its actually very very sad

  • J
    J 6 órája

    "Men's bodies, which here means assigned male at birth" You know, that was a very small, almost 1 second clip, but seeing phrases like this being used and normalized as at least a nod to the fact that not all AMAB people are male and not all male people are AMAB is incredibly refreshing and appreciated

  • Henry Lee
    Henry Lee 6 órája

    SYDNEY HI 6 órája


  • a guy
    a guy 6 órája

    The u.s. has it's share of problems, but I think most the people here trashing it have never lived anywhere else. My wife is European and finds it sad so many younger people have such a naive view on Europe and completely ignore the great things that the u.s. does possess.

  • Paper St Cassowary
    Paper St Cassowary 6 órája

    Can you blame him? All he wants to do is go straight-frog-giggin. Like any normal 'mercan

  • Lilith
    Lilith 7 órája

    As I look to the night sky, I begin to wonder if the only things that truly progresses into the abyssal horizon are the lofted clouds. Will they be seen on the other side where the greyed walk with their eyes to the ground?

  • Raul Vaquer
    Raul Vaquer 7 órája

    This is why Europe is better

  • Wheels Lifts
    Wheels Lifts 7 órája

    when your brain swells so much that it leaks out your ears, it really describes your intelligence level. very low. it's pretty stupid to climb everest. with all the sherpas that help you, it's not really a great achievement anymore

  • Akato
    Akato 7 órája

    I just learned that around 8 years ago an older lady(customer) once died in the store I work in because of the heat. Still got no air conditioning. I knew the company doesn't care about the workers. But I thought they would at least care about the customers. I guess I was wrong

  • Mac McConnell
    Mac McConnell 7 órája

    Make Brexit IV

  • klientproby
    klientproby 7 órája

    Absolutely DISGUSTING!!! And businesses not wanting to donate unless they can be assured of a tax break? Yes, I get that that would be advantageous for the business, but how about just ON THE GROUNDS OF BEING A DECENT HUMAN BEING and donating the unused food to food banks, or even going out PERSONALLY and handing out the food to those who need it?!?!?!? Here in Europe, in many of the countries, in their cities, there are corners set up in which shelves and cupboards are set up and people can put in food they don't need or want, and those who need it can come and get it. Individuals also organise food banks in which they personally hand-deliver food parcels to the homeless or to the working poor. And in some EU states, laws have been passed in which restaurants are REQUIRED to donate unused food to food banks for distribution the next day. People of the USA have long been used to just throwing things away - perfectly good things, whether food or non-food. They have to start learning to STOP and to be more caring and sharing with those less fortunate. And yes, I lived for a time in the USA, and I saw a lot of shocking things that many Americans and immigrants to the USA don't know about or see, and it was very disturbing. I commend John Oliver and people like him willing to live in such an awful country because it's needed, to help open the eyes up of too many spoilt Americans. I could never stick living there, and as soon as I finished my uni studies, I got the "hell out of Dodge!"

  • Magido89
    Magido89 8 órája

    I love the show but I hate this fake studio audience that doesn't understand half the jokes and still laughes or cracks up over things that aren't even remotely funny

  • Adrian Cooper
    Adrian Cooper 8 órája

    Wow!! Looking back on this.....John Oliver was a prophet. Man was he speaking the TRUTH!!!!

  • cagneyfan2008
    cagneyfan2008 8 órája

    Regardless, you have to agree that the religious baker’s teddy bear cookies are cute af!

  • Annika
    Annika 8 órája

    Ok. That was epic.

  • FakkDaPolice
    FakkDaPolice 8 órája

    Man ... were those times when we thought Trump would never get away with it?!🙄 Now we know better. Teflon is shit in comparison to the current President of the United States!😟 The history will call him" The Teflon-President". But I know a lot of names that are better for him...

  • Zeroth
    Zeroth 8 órája

    All I'm hearing is that Pence sounds like great guy and that people on the far left can't stand the thought of someone being a Christian conservative who disagrees with them and puts Religious freedom at the top of the list of priorities. Full disclosure, I think John is hilarious. But his views on people he disagrees with are frustratingly demonizing.

  • Jane Azure
    Jane Azure 8 órája

    Trump for Prison!!!

  • Michael Friedman
    Michael Friedman 8 órája

    Remember when this show was funny and not boring and depressing?

  • Ash Stewart
    Ash Stewart 8 órája

    This feels like a summary of the documentary “the bleeding edge” Which is an excellent documentary that everyone should watch. I’m glad Oliver is bringing more attention to these issues

  • Arrowhead Water
    Arrowhead Water 9 órája

    People act as if she is the first one going to college only to just to party.

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 9 órája

    Now *that's* a brilliant episode. Gotta say that Monica is one really strong person. This is the sort of thing anyone who's feeling bullied or unfairly shamed needs to watch.

  • Chaos Theory
    Chaos Theory 9 órája

    Everest has been a human rights violation for years...

  • Costa Govan
    Costa Govan 9 órája

    It's wierd for a comedian that makes edgy jokes get mad at a comedian that makes edgy jokes. I love john Oliver, but man sometimes he makes no sense at all.

  • Fridleivur Joensen
    Fridleivur Joensen 9 órája

    Will Smith was actually good in that movie

  • brahen xue
    brahen xue 9 órája

    Fact check, John, never expected to be treated like Donal Trump, right. 1. If one violates the two-child policy, he will be fined, but not put to jail, and no forced abortion even if not paying the fine. In fact, the law states clearly it's illegal to conduct forced abortion. The 'extra' child will be registered in the end. And no, you don't have to have 2 children. 2. That creepy children said to be prompting one-child policy, I genuinely don't understand a word of him. 3. Population growth is easier to predict than the economics, but it's still math. The one who came up with this idea is not Chinese, it's a mathematical professor named Geert Jan Olsder. Then, yes, you will need someone with good math to verify it. Back in those days, in China, who could solve a math problem better than a rocket scientist? I am not saying there is no forced abortion, it could be carried out by a corrupted officer who tried to ask for a bribe, or a lazy officer wanted to make sure people obey the law by intimidating. The husband in the video is deceived and he should report it to the local enforcement.

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 9 órája

    The opposite of Heaven: a Denny's Yep! Someone needs to start a company dedicated to systematically exposing these rich and famous "psychics" as frauds and televise them being accosted in a Denny's car park - that'd be a great TV show.

  • Nyb
    Nyb 9 órája

    Now that just sounds like colonialism with extra steps

    GGDOG 9 órája

    There is clearly a translation error at 11:23 what she said is' the policy enforcer is such a senseless LEFT WING person'(BTW i'm a chinese) using software like VPN to access internet

  • Brady Young
    Brady Young 9 órája

    You ever notice how when he fakes smoking a cigarette he always puts it in a fake ash tray before moving on.

  • taylormxrie
    taylormxrie 10 órája

    So much white guilt

  • All Roads Lead Here
    All Roads Lead Here 10 órája

    Weather? Orange man bad!

  • Mathias! HoloFoilVeryRare

    What a badass. I hope she expands her public speaking. I want to hear more advice and more about her experiences

  • bomaite1
    bomaite1 10 órája

    Hey, how about doing a follow up on Jarred and Ivanka? What have they actually achieved so far? Do they receive pay? Is it legal to work in the government without pay? Do they have security clearances and why? Do foreign leaders look right through them as though they are air? Are there any laws against nepotism in this country and do Americans give a shit? Are they making any money flogging Dad's current position? I think there is a lot of funny material here.

  • jcwilder86
    jcwilder86 10 órája

    yeah alot more ppl watching alex than you john lol

  • jcwilder86
    jcwilder86 10 órája

    wait, jones is right lol

  • Thomas Pastor
    Thomas Pastor 10 órája

    Actually, the Lucky Charms mascot is named Grant O'Brien. Hold on, how tall IS he?

  • Don Peek
    Don Peek 10 órája

    And there's ain't no telling how many nuclear warheads are at the bottom of the sea

  • Benjy Strauss
    Benjy Strauss 10 órája

    The only reliable psychic readings are both (A) free and (B) always come with a probability density function using at least college-level math. (And those are necessary, but not sufficient conditions)

  • Frank Costello
    Frank Costello 11 órája

    I want to eat everyone’s hair. Send me your hair.

  • Christopher Hernandez

    5:43 Pearl Jam’s latest album was Lightning Bolt

  • Emma Terry
    Emma Terry 11 órája

    Time seems to always prove John Oliver even more right

  • Smoovie119
    Smoovie119 11 órája

    Thumbed up after the Eddie Vedder imitation.

  • Eyesuck Overwatch
    Eyesuck Overwatch 11 órája

    Some of these bogus readings are just AWKWARD!!!!

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 11 órája

    Clearly the only real answer is VIOLENCE.

  • DarkRoe The Nin-Bot
    DarkRoe The Nin-Bot 11 órája

    18:08 when I look at the state of the US political system

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza

    I expected nothing less from Cheese Sandwich

  • Tony Pee
    Tony Pee 12 órája

    This dude looks like a weird canadian

  • ありいArlee
    ありいArlee 12 órája

    This guy is crazy, doesn’t deserve to be even near the Supreme Court, what an insane emotionally bullshit and unhinged ‘testimony’

  • jmisc
    jmisc 12 órája

    Please make the non R rated one so teachers and professors can show this in the class. Please.

  • Dan smith
    Dan smith 12 órája

    I wonder how much coal China would be burning and how much warmer the earth would be If all those kids were born and using up energy :)

  • JL C
    JL C 12 órája

    A few years ago, the forecast from Wellington, NZ the day after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake was "who cares, so long as the ground stays still."

  • JuICyBLiinGeR
    JuICyBLiinGeR 12 órája

    The first step is to remove those republicans from congress and power. Hatch has been making excuses for “character assassination” the same way with Kavanaugh. They have been withholding these types of bills for years. Because their friends are the fucking ones harassing people.

  • Rogue Bystander
    Rogue Bystander 12 órája

    I'm pro trump just to keep the world peace lol. But wow america... it's true.. Any one can some day become a president...

  • Gucci Snakes
    Gucci Snakes 12 órája


  • DarkRoe The Nin-Bot
    DarkRoe The Nin-Bot 12 órája

    "Our country is full!" So... We're limiting childbirth then, right? No? Cuz we're full, and we don't have the resources for higher population. Or at least we're making it really easy to get tubes tied or cords cut to limit population growth to a maintainable level? No? Then we're at LEAST making sure that those who are citizens are getting the proper care they need, right? No? Then we're at LEAST making sure that our veterans, who sacrificed a lot for our "freedom," have easy and appropriate access to the help resources they were promised? No? Then I guess it's a bunch of grumpy old Americans who seem more concerned with the idea of control than any of the three ideologies outlined in the United States' Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Hard to live when you can't get affordable healthcare. Hard to have Liberty when basic amendments like the ERA don't exist in the Constitution. Hard to pursue happiness when a bunch of old citizens, stuck in their own fantasy world, fail to see the damage they are causing to the youth they so desperately act like they are protecting, but in reality are just trying to mold into their warped sense of what the youth *should* be. Hint: the youth will be whatever they want to be, and the more you stifle change, the more it hurts when change finally breaks through.

  • nbnt
    nbnt 12 órája

    OMG just realized that the lab coat guy is Bob from Bob's Burgers

  • Sugarsail1
    Sugarsail1 12 órája

    She's still a thing because individual freewill and self-interest is still a thing despite the fake altruism of the bourgeois socialists who made this video and own the media.