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Dev Doodles: Sylas | League of Legends
Megtekintés 1,5 M8 hónapja
Season 2019 Teaser | League of Legends
Megtekintés 2,2 M9 hónapja
2018: The Playlist | League of Legends
Megtekintés 1,6 M10 hónapja
Ashe: Warmother | Comic Series Preview
Megtekintés 889 E10 hónapja


  • Gamer Kadir
    Gamer Kadir 37 másodpercig


  • Naruto Shikamaru

    ML have 3 skill drake meme Lol have 4 skill drake happy meme

  • Niño Rey Arban

    So coool

  • illegal clone

    i think League of Legends must add a Kart Game cross connect PC, Mobile and Console... to finally fillup that hole...

  • Lil big jess
    Lil big jess 2 perccel


  • jdjdjd djdjdjd
    jdjdjd djdjdjd 2 perccel

    A better version of Mf and Ashe on bot

  • Agni Mullick
    Agni Mullick 3 perccel

    someone upload the full footage

  • YE ET
    YE ET 3 perccel

    Everyone is just going to jump on this bandwagon again just like aov then fails.

  • Gamer Kadir
    Gamer Kadir 4 perccel

    *Every time you bleed for reaching greatness* ❤🔥

  • sashickan
    sashickan 5 perccel

    IP Ban for cheaters, pls do that (y)

  • Norbert Georgescu
    Norbert Georgescu 5 perccel

    New champ?

    LOUIS FRECON 5 perccel

    What about another music group, named OTP, composed by Yasuo, Jayce, Kayn and Sylas, to make the exact opposit of this ? Might be cool

  • WorldsWanderer
    WorldsWanderer 5 perccel

    And riot presents the next ADC/Support couple. Yes!!!!:D

  • Dustin Saxton
    Dustin Saxton 5 perccel

    WOW! A....a resolved plotline!? I didn't know League was capable of resolving plotlines!!! Maybe next Yasuo will finally realize Riven killed his family. Or Viktor and Jayce will finally duke it out

  • 白露
    白露 6 perccel


  • Willmeetagain
    Willmeetagain 6 perccel


  • Casper
    Casper 7 perccel

    Riot u know that Marshmello supports fortnite yea? XD

  • Feito Puns
    Feito Puns 7 perccel

    is it only me or the intro sounds like terminator 2 theme

  • Anson
    Anson 8 perccel

    why sup can solo kill ad😐

  • Iñi X
    Iñi X 8 perccel

    1:47:29 Felpudez y su sonrisa

  • Reuben
    Reuben 9 perccel

    It is stated in this video at 1:35 that all we have to do to unlock these gifts is log in, now we're being told we have to complete missions to unlock them. I have recently injured my hand at work and am out of commission for several weeks/months. You can catch me on the rift, OCE servers playing Yuumi with one hand. blame riot if i feed your games.

  • Boi Stickman
    Boi Stickman 9 perccel

    I listen to this song to get pumped up or before i play league

  • Mert Kocaer
    Mert Kocaer 9 perccel

    If the mobile version of league of legends is released, do you think the VR mode will be added in the future ?

  • Yuki Macaraeg
    Yuki Macaraeg 10 perccel


  • ZRo The Pangolin
    ZRo The Pangolin 10 perccel

    why is it late on audio, i didnt expect that since RIOT is a big company....

  • Rycerz Artorias - Ten Który Stąpał w Otchłani

    I love how they used Boy Who Shattered Time in the background.

  • migi
    migi 11 perccel

    A League of legends fighting game A mobile version of the game And an animated series RITO PLS I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE

  • Uldis Freimanis
    Uldis Freimanis 11 perccel

    Who else notices the new thumbnail?

  • King Bugs
    King Bugs 12 perccel

    "No, really guys, he's a support!"

  • emin kılıçaslan
    emin kılıçaslan 12 perccel

    Thresh: Chokes Lucian with chain. Lucian:OUCH! My belly.

  • Buğra Balkan
    Buğra Balkan 13 perccel

    Marksman support nice

  • Reu Misterio
    Reu Misterio 13 perccel

    Happy 10th birthday league!

  • Boi Stickman
    Boi Stickman 14 perccel

    Me: pls be a killer supp pls be a killer supp Riot: pUrE SuPpOrT

  • 취미맨
    취미맨 14 perccel

    So cool

  • candyagus toledo
    candyagus toledo 14 perccel


  • Arda Eker
    Arda Eker 14 perccel

    Türkler selamın aleykum

  • calvinnwoo
    calvinnwoo 14 perccel

    Imagine if they made a league movie... I would watch it.

  • Daniel Piamonte
    Daniel Piamonte 15 perccel

    "You're playing Kog'Maw" 1:41 Yep sounds about right

  • Niño Rey Arban
    Niño Rey Arban 15 perccel

    Wow this video is so cool😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Yuki Terumi
    Yuki Terumi 16 perccel

    Jinx! Cool, but I better get to see my boi the Might of Demacia!

  • Kludh
    Kludh 16 perccel

    This is what Blizzard also really need to do

  • emin kılıçaslan
    emin kılıçaslan 16 perccel

    Ok. One of Luci's gun was actually Senna's. Now tell me why she was carry a launcher and a sidearm when Luci only had one.

  • Boi Stickman
    Boi Stickman 16 perccel

    He -protecc- He attac But most importantly He got his wife bacc

  • Default Crest
    Default Crest 17 perccel


  • dO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyO

    *_Last year I had this on repeat for days_*

  • Boi Stickman
    Boi Stickman 17 perccel

    The crab can use ghostblade better than me

  • alaba david
    alaba david 17 perccel

    10 times i'd played map aram, i always see Xerath, Lux, Velkoz. i cant understand

  • ming wang
    ming wang 19 perccel


  • Анастюк Евгений


  • emin kılıçaslan
    emin kılıçaslan 20 perccel

    And we all thought Senna become evil or something for moments.

  • power50
    power50 21 perce


  • Julia
    Julia 21 perce

    He protect He attac But most importantly He get his wife back

  • Cookie Mom
    Cookie Mom 23 perccel

    Remember when everyone shat over this song when it was revealed? Then suddenly everyone sung its praises when this version came out. Oh, internet lol

  • Rafael Hens
    Rafael Hens 23 perccel

    Now you could release a friend for Amumu.

  • Yasmin Lee Shin
    Yasmin Lee Shin 24 perccel

    Powered by tencent games ? No thanks

  • hussein ghazal
    hussein ghazal 24 perccel

    On 10 years , u banned acc dont deserve to get banned ... give those acc back!! Only keep banning cheater

  • D Flame
    D Flame 25 perccel


  • yootoobnewbie
    yootoobnewbie 25 perccel

    10 years of sexual harassment.

  • qwearty justine
    qwearty justine 25 perccel

    MLBB is losssssseeeeeeee like

  • yootoobnewbie
    yootoobnewbie 27 perccel

    Support marksman.... MF support be like?

  • qwearty justine
    qwearty justine 28 perccel

    Plssss released plsss

  • Jusin Wiemer
    Jusin Wiemer 28 perccel

    Cooles Lied mega ich mag das wenn ich einschlafe hör ich das immer mega Lied immer so weiter und coole grafick colles Lied ausgesucht wenn ich das könnte würde ich das machen ist ja egal coole Grafik volles Lied immer so weiter**

  • 배우고싶다축구

    소연이 춤 대박이다. 혼자 영상 속 캐릭터가 튀어나온 느낌 ㄷㄷ

  • FluffyQuartz
    FluffyQuartz 29 perccel

    So excited that you worked with against the current again. (The main female singer also sang ‘legends never die’) Can’t get enough with these songs

  • 포덕
    포덕 29 perccel

    사랑해요 라이엇~~♡♡♡

  • christian Fapiano
    christian Fapiano 29 perccel

    Riot games announces: League of Legends in 2020. Moonton: "chuckles" I'm in danger.... 😂😂😂

  • a스트
    a스트 30 perccel

    아니 쓰레숴 누가 키웠냐

  • qwearty justine
    qwearty justine 30 perccel

    Plssssssss released now in november

  • Markjustine Patulot
    Markjustine Patulot 30 perccel

    10 years of existence

  • 이승민
    이승민 31 perce

    His name is jung gi kim, a famous artist in korea.

  • Yubei
    Yubei 33 perccel


  • 天影Skyshadow
    天影Skyshadow 34 perccel

    It has been 10 years...

  • Đặng Thực Official

    Very good

  • Calzer0
    Calzer0 37 perccel

    Is it just me or are the players playing Project A smurfing?

  • Johann Salinay
    Johann Salinay 38 perccel

    Hey!!!!! Riot can you make masteryi animation....

  • Gwafong Fafa
    Gwafong Fafa 38 perccel


  • natboy88
    natboy88 39 perccel

    ‘Shadows Embrace’ as a black person, I also relate rito

    CPT_JOSIP 40 perccel

    OUR Game. Stalin approves

  • Negan
    Negan 40 perccel

    Riot making an entire series and my jinx is mc. YEA BOY!

  • Accel Start
    Accel Start 41 perce

    La mejor cinematica de league of legends sin duda alguna.

  • da is
    da is 42 perccel

    0:42 ceros

  • 엔캄스
    엔캄스 43 perccel

    Fly, fly phoenix, Fly.

  • Thắng Hồ
    Thắng Hồ 43 perccel

    ca khúc đỉnh nhất của CKTG

  • 마준혁
    마준혁 44 perccel

    10/18 2019

  • 哞 哞
    哞 哞 45 perccel

    im crying

  • Lahmacun Man
    Lahmacun Man 45 perccel

    Lucian ile karısı bile kavuştu bi ben sana kavuşamadım zalımın kız

  • Aa.C.Toronous Darkk
    Aa.C.Toronous Darkk 48 perccel

    So ! Lucian wife is ADC requime ?

  • Mga Gala Ni Skripiti

    LucianxSenna Buff

  • Leandro Soares
    Leandro Soares 49 perccel


  • SpeekofDee
    SpeekofDee 49 perccel

    Wtf is this audio sync

  • TuuweTV
    TuuweTV 50 perccel


  • Zoncluv 山本
    Zoncluv 山本 51 perce

    Petition to make Pyke join Pentakill

  • Alex Becskei
    Alex Becskei 51 perce

    The music videos are actualy much better then the game...

  • Hoàng Nam Phan
    Hoàng Nam Phan 54 perccel

    Definitely love how the song describes the ongoing struggles inside the Rookie, Caps and Fakers in the first part, and then comes the cello part that portrait firstly, the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of Europe, and after that the determinations of the three players in heading to World. To be honest, Phoenix does not give off the goosebumps and fighting spirit that Rise gave, but it is a low-key masterpiece of music and beats that can only grow to be more likable throughout the time. Phoenix's animation is still great, it clearly provides a gaming experience suitable to League of Legends, however it focuses too much on action scenes, plays on a too fast pace, and have not created an overall sensation matching with the epicness of the music. But still, can't wait to see this piece being played in the final.

  • Mohaimin Kader
    Mohaimin Kader 55 perccel

    Best choreography

  • Alexdamax
    Alexdamax 55 perccel

    The chills tho.

  • Mix
    Mix 56 perccel

    Go back to washing dishes

  • david
    david 56 perccel


  • Ninh Võ Nhật
    Ninh Võ Nhật 57 perccel

    Sofm - Leesin My idol

  • Thor Young
    Thor Young 58 perccel

    Faker : What do you want me to do in this Video? Director : Sit over there! Right! Perfect!