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Sheeran Guitars by Lowden
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  • Devin Bishop
    Devin Bishop 4 órája

    You know what the best part is, he sounds just like the recording. His voice is perfect his performance is perfect his act is amazing. And he beats any other singer I know, this man doesn’t need auto tune

  • Trotskuwu Uwu
    Trotskuwu Uwu 4 órája

    Is this a joke

  • legendary gamer
    legendary gamer 4 órája

    Who is better like Ed sheren comment justin bieber

  • Red Evil
    Red Evil 4 órája

    eminem,50 cent and "ED SHEERAN"🤮🤮🤮this milk face girl makes music with eminem. what happens to this world

  • Lozs De Zacos
    Lozs De Zacos 4 órája

    Need Music Video

  • 17MAnuel ZEN
    17MAnuel ZEN 4 órája

    good song

  • Writer's Diary
    Writer's Diary 4 órája

    Cardi B be finding it too boring to be someone else. She even found a movie role which doesn't even seem scripted and actually represents her struggle (Hustlers or something) and now this lol. Fiery 💜

    THE EAGLES 4 órája

    love ed sheeran

  • Gracie-mae monroe
    Gracie-mae monroe 4 órája

    so sad i cried so sorry

  • sembilan belas
    sembilan belas 4 órája

    mirip meraih bintang

  • 孙ming
    孙ming 4 órája

    虽然人丑😁但 歌唱的很好听🙈

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann 4 órája

    Ed Sheeran is the only good singer. The others destroyed it.

  • Hbiba Med salah
    Hbiba Med salah 4 órája

    Armyyyyyys where are you?? 💜💜 Who love BTS 😘😎

  • Genius Mark
    Genius Mark 4 órája

    Who is best? *Like: Ed Sheeran* *Comment: Shawn Mendes*

  • Ana M
    Ana M 4 órája

    No one: Not a single soul: Cardi: "when I find out who you are, ima kick your ass. You know I'm crazy. ... Ugly ass necklace."

  • Susie Ellis
    Susie Ellis 4 órája

    I loved this song when i first heard it. But the video clip is just as great. ( a song for all of us, not so beautiful people)

  • Vintage keys Music
    Vintage keys Music 5 órája

    Hey I did a cover of this song : huclip.com/video/hCmiUOsZOBg/videó.html

  • carol flores
    carol flores 5 órája


  • Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson 5 órája

    Ed Sheehan vs storms vs 50 sent vs m nem /winer = m nem

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos 5 órája

    lol cardi at the end, that was just funny XD

  • Naomi Grace
    Naomi Grace 5 órája

    did anyone notice the "hot" guy has contour on his chest? 2:06

  • Rashel Mahfuz
    Rashel Mahfuz 5 órája

    Me: this song sounds good😀, But video is 3rd class🤣 Ed : i dont care😎

  • joankanun
    joankanun 5 órája


  • marcos 445
    marcos 445 5 órája

    What a green screen😂😂

  • Душевный песни

    October 2019? 👇

  • Душевный песни

    October 2019? 👇

  • Душевный песни

    October 2019? 👇

  • the greatest showman # likes and hearts

    No offence 🤣 and I thought no tears left to cry was a silly music video

  • Michal Kožusznik
    Michal Kožusznik 5 órája

    What city is this?

  • Nasky 9261
    Nasky 9261 5 órája

    So many powerhouses together in one song. Clearly this will also come in one of the most heared songs Starting fron Ed Sheerans and Camila s melodious voice to Cardi Bs rap and the storyline. What an amazing song Ed,Camila and Cardi love yalll from a small fan🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lilli
    Lilli 5 órája

    Vibranium 😍 #marvel 😂

  • seriousdudeserious
    seriousdudeserious 5 órája

    Sorry but all I can think of is the parody of Boris and Donald singing this. ^^

  • Area 69
    Area 69 5 órája

    This many people love this song 🔻

  • Galaxy Sky
    Galaxy Sky 5 órája

    Mum: I like this song! What is it called? Me: I don't care Mum: Then what am i talking to? Me: Me... Duh Mum: So.. will you tell me what song this is? Me: Yes, i will, even if i alrready told you.. I don't care Mum: So you don't care huh? Ok i will be like you to you 😐 Me: But mum! This song is called i don't care.. 😣 Mum: Oh, thank you 😀 Me: No problem.. 😒

  • Chaitali Joarder
    Chaitali Joarder 5 órája

    Who else laughed at ed when he was in a woman-body?

  • Sarah Zorca
    Sarah Zorca 5 órája


  • ZERO
    ZERO 5 órája

    oh my god

  • Joburg Car Scene
    Joburg Car Scene 5 órája

    Powerful message.

  • Masaer Ndiaye
    Masaer Ndiaye 5 órája

    I have met an angel in person ❤️

  • Romane 59
    Romane 59 5 órája

    Cette musique je m'en lasserai jamais 😻 This music is really good!!!❤❤

    • Romane 59
      Romane 59 5 órája

      October 2019 ? Always!!❤

  • Galaxy Sky
    Galaxy Sky 5 órája

    Let's all tell what we don't care about :) I don't care that for now i live in a flat. Well but i really care when i will ride my amasing horse.. i miss summer :( I wish i could go there and ride my best horse! :(

  • M P
    M P 5 órája

    Why the white dudes in this song have the same voice as Ali G?

  • Foxtrot Eagle
    Foxtrot Eagle 5 órája

    0:40 if you do full volume then you will hear a mysterious voice

  • Tik tok Superstars
    Tik tok Superstars 5 órája

    Who is in October and November here Like

    ANUBHAW AKHIL 5 órája

    beautiful girl

  • Utkarsh Tuteja
    Utkarsh Tuteja 5 órája

    Impressive comment

    ANUBHAW AKHIL 5 órája

    looking perfect

  • Professor Layton
    Professor Layton 5 órája

    Like per chi è Italia

  • Galaxy Sky
    Galaxy Sky 5 órája

    My ears: Ooo relaxing beutiful song! My eyes: Turn it off turn it off!!

  • Music Moods
    Music Moods 5 órája

    Hey guys,I love this song and would be really cool if you guys checked my cover out. Thanks. :)


    1:09 ..... 🤕😵

  • Patricia Paglalunan

    Im in philippines but i love your songs

  • Ali Kagda
    Ali Kagda 5 órája

    Edsha. You suck 🍌 banana

  • Yugeshvar Yadav
    Yugeshvar Yadav 5 órája

    Ed Sheeran : Keep A White Dress Ready. Director : But Red Is My Favourite Colour.

  • Moonlight t
    Moonlight t 5 órája

    Such an iconic performance. I loved it the night it happened and I loved it the night I went to see Ed and stormz came out to perform shape of you

  • Aayan's Creative Lab

    I like your song.

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh 6 órája

    love from Punjab India i like to listen English and other languages songs but most of the punjabi's don;t like but i like i love this song😙😙😙

  • Bakary Touré
    Bakary Touré 6 órája

    2019 ???😍😍🥰🤩💪

  • sir phat
    sir phat 6 órája


  • Kinza Kinzaa
    Kinza Kinzaa 6 órája


  • aral #love
    aral #love 6 órája

    Hasst du eine Frau

  • InYourFace8BP
    InYourFace8BP 6 órája

    Weed and this song over a lake. Hehe.

  • Emma Barberry
    Emma Barberry 6 órája


  • Ridhan Henrik
    Ridhan Henrik 6 órája

    I dont have any photo when iwas a litle kid .i was born in 1986 in indonesia ,we have no camera on that moment 😌😁😁

  • Anoushka Bhattacharya


  • na c
    na c 6 órája

    This song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joel Bäck
    Joel Bäck 6 órája

    You cant make a spy movie as a South of the Border

  • Zbigniew Cymer
    Zbigniew Cymer 6 órája

    Best video

  • Szymon Raj
    Szymon Raj 6 órája

    Zakochałem się w tej piosence nie mogę przestać ją słuchać

  • Tichaona Gabilo
    Tichaona Gabilo 6 órája

    haa mdara makanyanya!!!!

  • Karem Da Costa
    Karem Da Costa 6 órája

    Nice one follow me too at huclip.com/video/rI-xJiz0DD4/videó.html

  • Shade
    Shade 6 órája

    When your friend invited you to his house and he says he has a green screen

  • Jorge Medina
    Jorge Medina 6 órája

    Those guys think they're ugly; that's the opposite of beautiful, duh! I also hated it that Ed sounded so hybrid and crazy because his voice sounded as a tenor solo

  • Duatiga Oktober
    Duatiga Oktober 6 órája

    Hebat dan bagus

  • Cristina Dotti
    Cristina Dotti 6 órája


  • blackmetalhoodie of iceclan

    saw the title and started singing nickelback's photograph

  • Kade Lamar
    Kade Lamar 6 órája

    All the choices you have ever made in your life Has brought you to reading this comment

  • Kade Lamar
    Kade Lamar 6 órája

    All the choices you have ever made in your life Has brought you to reading this comment

  • Gerald Tan
    Gerald Tan 6 órája

    I love Cardi B but she literally sound like annoying Grandma.😂

  • Calluml13f Shb
    Calluml13f Shb 6 órája

    Can you tech me ed please

  • mayukh pankaj
    mayukh pankaj 6 órája

    Fort minor Remember the name is >>>>>> ed sheeran

  • mayukh pankaj
    mayukh pankaj 6 órája

    Ed sheeran is madharchod !

  • Braian Cañizares
    Braian Cañizares 6 órája

    Like si la escuchaste mas de 100 veces

  • lol
    lol 6 órája

    Офигенно ❤❤❤

  • K Hinga
    K Hinga 6 órája

    Ed looks like the younger version of Ron from the harry potter series

  • Michael Amaral
    Michael Amaral 7 órája

    Ed sheeran;nnnnnnn

  • Molly DOWER
    Molly DOWER 7 órája

    Who’s up for part two??

  • 浅田亮
    浅田亮 7 órája


  • Azkha tama
    Azkha tama 7 órája

    Lagu yang gak pernah bosen saya dengarkan

  • Iyanu Olayimika
    Iyanu Olayimika 7 órája

    Ed Sheeran should never have made this song.... I'm addicted to it

  • Hưng Quốc Đặng

    it so veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good song

  • ezekiel maina
    ezekiel maina 7 órája

    Now am one of the 4.4 billion viewers. Kenya represented.

  • Annabel Cheuk
    Annabel Cheuk 7 órája


  • Chi Twak Oh
    Chi Twak Oh 7 órája

    편집이 잘되는 곳

  • Rosa Marlene Rosa
    Rosa Marlene Rosa 7 órája

    Amei a música demais Cardi. B maravilhosa demais Camila linda ademais

  • Siva Srinivas
    Siva Srinivas 7 órája

    pretty overrated 🙂

  • Emarjelisa Gildo
    Emarjelisa Gildo 7 órája

    Whose here October 2019 💚 I love this song so much 💚❤️

  • Alba Momo
    Alba Momo 7 órája


  • Phillip Mills
    Phillip Mills 7 órája

    When my nan died I was in pieces and my great grandad is called jhon so that's why this reminds me of her